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  1. FlaRay

    Scratch Removal

    I would try a DA with some compound
  2. FlaRay

    Best Abrasive way to remove bug guts from front bumper

    I use simple green and chemical guys wheel cleaner that has a mesh like material to get them off
  3. FlaRay

    Instant HP gain

    Lol, thanks for sharing the info
  4. FlaRay

    Change plugs?

    Have you popped off a coil and looked at them?
  5. FlaRay

    fix your misfires cheap!

    Nice work
  6. FlaRay

    Rear hatch corrosion 2016 XLT EL

    Drives me crazy at all the years of Expos that have this issue
  7. FlaRay

    Another Round of Guess the Damage $$$

    Damn, hope it works out man
  8. FlaRay

    2007 Ford Expedition el

    What plugs did you use? When’s the last time the coil packs were replaced?
  9. FlaRay

    2007 Ford expedition spark plugs: should I replace some or all of them?

    Change em, less headaches down the road
  10. FlaRay

    2007 Expedition Spark Plugs

    When I did mine on my 07 I ran a can of sea foam through my brake booster vacuum to help break up some carbon, used a small electric impact to break them loose. All 8 came out no issue
  11. FlaRay

    Expedition photo thread.

    They are F150 FX4 takeoffs
  12. FlaRay

    Expedition photo thread.

    My 07
  13. FlaRay

    2009 Expedition Misfire

    Had a similar issue, changed plugs, and went with aftermarket coil packs, fixed it for a little bit, then the coil packs started acting a fool, had to pony up some cash to buy OEM coil packs, never had a issue after that.
  14. FlaRay

    Don't buy a new gear shift knock, just paint it!

    That looks really good
  15. FlaRay

    Gas overflow when filling the tank on a 2008?

    Found it.
  16. FlaRay

    Gas overflow when filling the tank on a 2008?

    This happens to me all the time. Dealer took a look at it and replaced the canister, but did not fix the issue. There is a thread out there somewhere that used I believe a Chevy filler hose with a check valve? Let me see if I can find it
  17. FlaRay

    Low rpm shudder/vibration

    Any CELs? Coil pack on its way out?
  18. FlaRay

    Added LED puddle lights at under $10 for both, total.

    That looks pretty good