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    Ecoboost engine burning fluids

    You're going to be out of luck unless you buy something really old, because the pushrod setups have VVT also starting in 2007 and above (for GM), and the new Ford pushrod 7.3 has VVT also. Ram went VVT about the same time also on the Hemi. Your use profile is easy on an engine. 800 highway...
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    A/C Only Works Sitting Still???

    Get some gauges put on it to see where your pressures are, then if that's ok, check on the cutout switch as Jamaica Joe mentioned.
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    Other thing is I don't think I would want to tow near limits with the 5.4, it's pretty gutless towing a small trailer with bricks stacked only 3 rows high from my experience. This was with the smallest trailer that Home Depot rents, with a capacity on the side of 1750 lbs, and bricks stacked...
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    Why do most people recommend the 3/4 tons? Longer wheelbase, more weight, less likely to have the tail wagging the dog, so to say. A 3/4 will be more forgiving for a bad setup or a newbie behind the wheel. Higher payload is another factor, makes it easier to put more people and stuff in the...
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    I need a new arm for my 2010 Gator because the little piece that covers the bolt has fallen off, and it's unsightly to see the bolt all the time. I clicked on the link for the other thread that's in the 3rd or 4th post and it seems like the Dorman with the traditional hook style arm is what I...
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    How to remove factory front rotors

    I don't understand the aversion to using PB Blaster or other penetrant. Why would it contaminate the new rotors or pads if you were careful to wash it all off, and wash your hands/put on a fresh set of gloves? I guess this method would be fine if you didn't care if your caliper bracket got...
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    E85 tune?

    Even though E85 has less energy per gallon, it is possible to run it at a higher thermal efficiency. But everyone uses this ability by tuning just to get gonzo power, not to get better mileage. It is possible to close the mileage gap with unleaded if engines were optimized for E85. Higher...
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    Expedition Max vs standard size

    Mine is a shorty and I wish I had the longer one at times. You could not pick up 7 people at the airport with all their luggage because of the limited amount of space behind the back seat when the 3rd row was up. My wife is Brazilian and they travel heavy. We don't have people visiting us now...
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    My Expedition came with Platinum Price and Pinto Quality

    I need to do a timing job on my 2010 Navi it's clicking on startup, the HVAC blend doors are clicking away, the paint is peeling off my Lincoln logo, and the brakes are about shot. Gets 16mpg if I baby it, if I floor it gets 12-13. Oh well I'll get around to it when I get around to it...
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    2011 Remote Start

    This is cool, thanks folks. Never liked the way this works on my 2010 Navigator!
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    Found this forum looking for information about HV oil pumps

    Figured I'd join, I like the F150 groups but's nice to have a model specific group. I have a 2010 Navigator, which is basically the same as an Expedition in most of the meaningful ways - engine, transmission, body, brakes, etc. I've had it for about 6 months and so far it's been pretty good...