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  1. Yupster Dog

    What is this noise?!

    Did ya'll miss post 5? here is the thread to tell you about your wind noise. @mpc11 said the fix on post 29 of that thread.
  2. Yupster Dog

    Search the site

    Maybe its the keywords you are putting in.
  3. Yupster Dog

    2000 EB Stereo Upgrade

    All I know is that Mach uses its own unbalanced signal to go from head unit to sub. When you buy aftermarket stuff it always uses balanced signals. Crutchfield has nothing to work with the Mach system. So I am also interested to know how to get that to work.
  4. Yupster Dog

    2000 EB Stereo Upgrade

    Yes Mach stuff will only work with Mach system. Plenty of room, Pull the third row passenger cup holder out and look.
  5. Yupster Dog

    GPS programming

    AAA members can go in and they will help you make a route that you choose and print off a trip tic for you. P.S. Anyone who travels a lot should be a AAA member. Loads of benifits, if you don't have you should really check it out.
  6. Yupster Dog

    Check engine light

    For $100 you can get cord ($50) and lifetime license for Forscan ($50). You will get way more info than any scanner and you will never need anything else. And the cord goes on sale every once in a while, on amazon.
  7. Yupster Dog

    The dreaded window/run channel

    It has been my experience that it was not the channel but the window regulator bending out of whack. Eventually it will break the gears from the regulator to the motor. Once you replace the regulator/w motor it will roll up correctly. Don't buy the cheap one or you will be doing it twice. Also...
  8. Yupster Dog

    OutPut Shaft Speed Sensor (OSS)

    Watch this video because OSS might not be your only problem.
  9. Yupster Dog

    Lower Radiator Hose AGAIN!

    Agreed It almost like someone found pictures of ole Henry Ford being paddled by the nanny and used that to get Ford to use their crappy product.
  10. Yupster Dog

    Identify button on dash?

    Not another mystery button. I'm still waiting to see what the buttons did on the first two threads about a mystery buttons to get solved. They seem to show up out west, first one was in Utah and the other in Arizona. Must be remnates from Roswell.
  11. Yupster Dog

    Things I'd like to see on the 2022 Exp's (coming from a 2020 KR)

    That should have been done from day one with the rear seat entertainment systems. Kids in the back, parents in the front, seems like it should have been a no brainer.
  12. Yupster Dog

    A/C fan control stopped

    Check the plug and wire harness for melted parts. Famous for needing the wire harness as well. So if the plug will not come out it has melted together.
  13. Yupster Dog

    Lower Radiator Hose AGAIN!

    When I changed out my radiator I found the stupid connector on the bottom hose. after I did get it disconnected I decided to pay the extra for an oem replacement and I am still happy with that decision. I mean it was only like a $30 difference What is your time and peace of mind worth...
  14. Yupster Dog

    2000 xlt 200,000 miles bad trans worth fixing?

    Do they have any kind of maintanence log? Maybye at least tell you about what has been (and has not been) done to the vehicle? The only thing you have given us to go on is the trans needs. So If the rest of truck in good condition and has had good maintanence then yes definatly a good buy...
  15. Yupster Dog

    Parking brake

    @johnotwell learn how to start a thread here
  16. Yupster Dog

    Forced Induction

    I can ask my magic 8 ball and give you an answer. A real answer is going to take, For what? Why? To put on what? Is it stock? Here maybe this will help,
  17. Yupster Dog

    Voltage from battery ground to chassis ground.

    The only way it will be a good work around is if you cut the clamps off and secured the whole wire to ground and to battery post. Those clamps will not be enough contact for a stable ground.
  18. Yupster Dog

    Voltage from battery ground to chassis ground.

    Yes you are correct. The ground is lifting somewhere. In the electrical section there is a sticky for voltage drop test. There is a great video on how to. This should lead you right to your problem.
  19. Yupster Dog

    Advice on my new rig please !

    How about a pic with the tounge jack up and fully loaded. Including people and gear in the expy.
  20. Yupster Dog

    O2 Sensor Heater Issue All 4 Bad at Once?

    After cleaning dont forget the dielectric grease. It will help it from hapening again.
  21. Yupster Dog

    Down shift clunk while towing

    Have you checked your end links on your swaybar? How about your engine/transmission mounts?
  22. Yupster Dog

    Another fuse box replacement ....

    They are not going to sell that seperate.
  23. Yupster Dog


    What about your parking brake? did you chage the rotors in the rear? if so what about the parking brake shoes? are they adjusted correctly?

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