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  1. JasonH

    Lug nut removal

    Try going up .5mm to 1mm in size, or hammering on the properly sized socket.
  2. JasonH

    Towing Stability

    I broke my electric jack my first time out. The site wasn't level and it was dark when we arrived...we weren't paying attention and overextended the jack. I now travel with two bottle jacks to assist with leveling and tire changes. Between those and the plastic leveling blocks, I can get the...
  3. JasonH

    Towing Stability

    Get Roadside Assistance with a provider that will move your camper if need be. Apart from needing regular fluid and filter changes, there are completely random things that can act up on an Expedition. Throttle body, misfires, recirculating valve gasket. There's not really a way to predict...
  4. JasonH

    Tire Weight

    If you have a Discount Tire near you, I suggest calling and speaking to a manager about the return policy for wheel/tire combos. They're pretty good about things like that, so if you get a wheel tire combination and drive for a week, they may allow you to return the wheels and exchange tires for...
  5. JasonH

    Tire Weight

    I put LT tires on my 20s. It rides a bit harder and lost ~1 mpg, but the peace of mind and improved stability while towing was worth it. Try finding a shop that will let you swap back if you don't like the LT tires.
  6. JasonH

    Hit with $4400 cam phaser bill on my 2018

    Stories like these are why I won't own another Ford without an extended warranty. Unfortunately we need the Expedition to tow our camper. But if there was an alternative I would definitely take it. These vehicles are too expensive to have these sorts of issues ongoing without suitable resolution.
  7. JasonH

    Fuel avg MPG sux

    I keep the trailer ball on my Expedition. Amazingly, people keep their distance.
  8. JasonH

    Fuel avg MPG sux

    Congrats on the new arrival! The only things you really need to know are that the Max has a larger fuel tank, and speed and fuel economy are inversely correlated. A 20% fuel economy hit due to speed is around $20 - $30. It's a $60,000+ vehicle. Something tells me you'll be alright.
  9. JasonH

    Fuel avg MPG sux

    No, that was highway. I was late and was driving very fast. Mixed driving I average around 16 - 17, but I also have heavier Load E tires.
  10. JasonH

    Towing trailer first time

    This is correct for the 2017 model year, but there is a still a frontal area limitation. Generally, most owners run out of payload before they hit the towing limit, because at max tow that least 930 lbs of the trailer weight needs to be on the hitch. This leaves around 400 - 600 for passengers...
  11. JasonH

    2017 Expedition w/ 3.5 Ecoboost -- engine sounds? (video included)

    It sounds funny, I would pass. Cam phaser noise is only on startup. The high pressure fuel pump is noisy, but I'm pretty sure it's not that bad. Repairs on these vehicles can be expensive. I suggest getting something with lower miles that can be warrantied.
  12. JasonH

    Fuel avg MPG sux

    This is the right answer. For those that want better fuel economy, stay out of boost. it's hard because the turbos can spool very quickly low in the powerband, but under 2,500 RPM is a good compromise. I've gotten 12 mpg highway and I've gotten 22 mpg highway. All dictated by my right foot. In...
  13. JasonH

    Fuel avg MPG sux

    This isn't necessarily true. Yes, the RPM will be higher, but the throttle will not be open as much. It's like rolling downhill with your throttle closed in a low gear. The RPM are up, but the engine isn't really consuming much fuel. Part of the reason for the higher consumption is just more...
  14. JasonH

    5w40 vs 5w30 for 3.5 HO?

    Has anyone seen any persistent evidence of internal engine failures due to oiling issues? I'm sure we're all aware of the cam phaser issues, but apparently that was a design defect. I'm not aware of any other persistent issues with the Ecoboost apart from (1) cam phasers and (2) turbo manifolds.
  15. JasonH

    Think wheel bearings are starting to fail

    Is there a particular reason why the front driver side seems to fail first? From these posts, it seems to be a common issue. I'm getting the low drone/grinding sound from mine, which I'm 90% sure is the wheel bearing. I've done this job a couple of times before on other vehicles, so I have some...
  16. JasonH

    Anybody try both Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S and XLT?

    Not directly responsive since I haven't tried the 4S, but the XLT improved my stability whole towing substantially. The increased puncture resistance was an added bonus. Some tire dealers, like Discount Tire, will let you exchange the tires if you aren't comfortable with them. I recommend trying...
  17. JasonH

    2017 Ford Expedition

    It's the easy entry/exit mode in the settings. It can be toggled on or off. OP should check and see if the vehicle can start with the key outside away from the vehicle. The information provided suggests there's a working key inside the vehicle someplace. Maybe it fell out of someone's pocket or...
  18. JasonH

    Engine Backfire

    Try getting your air/fuel and exhaust temp data from the ECU. If your cats are off, maybe the vehicle is not seeing something it expects to see and is running rich?
  19. JasonH

    Stiffer Suspension

    They're awesome. I've posted several times about them. They stabilized the rear while towing, Treadwell has been reasonable, and no issues with slo leaks from punctures due to a the construction around town. Only downsides are slightly more noise when the tread gets lower and they're, so mpg...
  20. JasonH

    Dealer service records?

    Ask the dealer. Worst thing they can do is say no.
  21. JasonH

    2017 Expedition MyKey enabled only 1 key from the dealer

    If you have two working keys, you can program a 3rd. Otherwise, you'll need to visit the dealer. I suggest calling around. Prices varied substantially for the six dealers I called. I keep three keys so I can program another if one goes missing.
  22. JasonH

    LSD swap??

    You can swap a 3.73 LSD into the 2010. Detroit Truetrac has a part.
  23. JasonH

    E load rated tires for stock ride height

    I noticed the same. But it hasn't been an issue for me.
  24. JasonH

    Icon Suspension

    Did you try asking the manufacturer?
  25. JasonH

    2017 Limited EL in tow haul runs rich?

    The aero profile is the biggest factor for mpg. You said 3,000 lbs, but is it a parachute, or a brick? Might need to get the coolant bottle tested for combustion gases. When mine did that, I had a leaking head gasket. It was somewhat apparent because the exhaust stank and there was light white...