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  1. jr1under

    Renewing 1st Gen Expedition - Touch-up paint mistake

    For reasons that don't need to be discussed, I used the wrong color Motorcraft touch-up kit. Other than having someone else do it, what are my options to make this look better?
  2. jr1under

    Renewing 1st Gen Expedition - Cerakote

    Pictures: 1999 5.4 engine bay before and after Cerakote. Details if anyone is interested.
  3. jr1under

    New member, restoring 1999 Expedition, Aiken, SC, USA

    Hi, I'd like to properly introduce myself to the forum and maybe participate in some of the discussions. A decade or so ago, for economic reasons, I began maintaining my 1999 Expedition EB 5.4 and my wife's 2005 F-150 FX4 5.4. There were a lot of things I didn't know but I can say now that...
  4. jr1under

    1999 Expedition 5.4 EB crack where liftgate strut connects to body

    A few days ago, I noticed what looks like a stress crack where the left liftgate strut attaches to the body. I would appreciate a response from anyone who knows what it means and what to do about it. Is it cosmetic or structural? Can I ignore it or do I need to panic?
  5. jr1under

    Is it No Code for my 1999?

    My 1999 EB 5.4 is burning a lot of oil and starting to run rough and I'm wondering if it's worth putting any more money into it. Wondering because I don't really know what I'm looking at other than heavy oil residue around the valve covers and other nearby locations. The entire area behind the...