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    '22 King Ranch - brake squeeling

    My wife's '22 King Ranch has had some rear brake squealing going on the last couple of weeks (just hit 5K miles). I took it into the dealership and the tech noted that he could "feel something going on" with the back brakes, but mechanically pads/rotors/calipers checked out. Dealership then...
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    2022 Expedition XLT - adding fog lights

    Love my new XLT, but the big thing I'd really like to add are fog lights. Has anyone done this on their XLT? I want it to look as stock as possible and this isn't something Ford offers (from what I was told by my dealer). Interested in other's experience and how it looks afterward.
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    New running board motor, mechanic having problems

    I purchased a new running board motor. The mechanic I took it to is having trouble getting the old shaft off the board (long metal piece in pic). Ford won't install it because I didn't buy the part from them. Any tricks to getting this out ? Tired of waiting on my mechanic to come up with...
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    Power running board is shot

    My drivers side power running board on my '08 is dead. The motor went out. The dealer wants to charge $2300 to replace it. I can't find any aftermarket power boards. Has anyone had any successe with this ? $2300, especially for just 1 board, is ridiculous!! Would the power boards from ampro...