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  1. RABAYL01

    Let's See Those Lifted / Big Tire Gen 4s!!

    Looks like FALKEN WILDPEAKS is becoming popular recently. I too finally upgraded to new wheels and tires. I took a lot of time and effort on thinking on what I considered the perfect setup for me: Wheels: Venom Rex (Vorsteiner OffRoad) VR-601 20" Wheel Specs: 20 x 9 with +12mm offset in Desert...
  2. RABAYL01

    Let's See Those Lifted / Big Tire Gen 4s!!

    Thanks for this! I've been eyeing on ICON's system for a long time but I was worried about the CCD interconnection. So good to know about this. However, you would think with ICON's new CDEV system, that they would take advantage of the OEM connection and work off of that.
  3. RABAYL01

    Anyone with 20x9 +18 Wheels?

    I just ordered my Venom Rex VR-601s at 20 x 9 @ +12mm Offset. I do want the 285/55R20 for the tires but I am concerned about rubbing. Should I go with 275/55R20? I also think I am gonna go with General Grabber ATX tires
  4. RABAYL01

    21 Rear Climate Confusion

    What I have found is that when using heat, it uses the rear quarter panel vents to get the heat out as fast as possible. if you demand cool air, the air will come out of top. Even if you force the heat to come out of the top vents at initial start up, only cold air comes out. My assumption is...
  5. RABAYL01

    2018 Leveled Expedition w/ 34's (Readylift)

    Thanks for the post! the 17" wheels fit ok I assume? I can't decide between 17 or 20 as I am set on VenomRex Wheels
  6. RABAYL01

    Let's See Those Lifted / Big Tire Gen 4s!!

    Very Nice Set up! No issues with the 17"wheels againts the 302A Brake Calipers? I was initially gonna go with 20" wheels but now I may go 17"
  7. RABAYL01

    Let's See Those Lifted / Big Tire Gen 4s!!

    Along with this question, can you show us a picture of the poke of both front and rear? Thanks!
  8. RABAYL01

    Am I pushing payload capacity too much?

    For those of you towing these much loads, what are your average Transmission temps (cold/hot ambient)? I will most like start towing some soon and I am starting to get concerned with my rig's trans. I do have a trans cooler but I have not really towed that much yet.
  9. RABAYL01

    2022 Expy Max Bilstein and Tires installed today

    Looks good. Is your Expy a Limited or Platinum with CCD suspension? If so, what did you do with the wire that goes to the shock?
  10. RABAYL01

    K&N Cold Air Intake Swap from 18 to the 22

    Post some pics of that Cold Air Intake!! Does it sound better? More turbo noise?
  11. RABAYL01

    '22 vs '19 first impressions

    Thanks for making me feel better about keeping my '19MY Limited with HDTTP. I do agree the fact that in order for Ford to get rid of the base halogen headlights, they had to dis-content the upper end level to offer the same headlight across the board. The led projects from 18-21 are more...
  12. RABAYL01

    Updating the looks of a 2018 Platinum

    Looks nice! How long does it take to clean those wheels? haha Same here. I have a 19MY Limited and I like the cohesive look of my Expy. Although I do wish I had Timberline capabilities.
  13. RABAYL01

    2018-2021 3.5L Ecoboost Expedition Exhaust Leak?

    All, I am starting to notice a slight (slight enough to smell) exhaust leak in the cabin of my 2019 Expedition. The Cam Phasers Recall was just performed 4 weeks ago. I have 25k miles on the truck. I sense the exhaust smell when I am sitting still on a stoplight, stop sign, etc. Of course, I...
  14. RABAYL01

    2022 Expedition Build & Price tool is live!

    Thanks Apex. I am still pretty happy with my 2019 and considering I got $16k off MSRP when I bought it right before COVID hit. So I am not jealous about everyone buying new cars these days paying MSRP; or worse, dealer markup. I do however, like the Timberline package as my dream is to go out...
  15. RABAYL01

    2022 Expedition Build & Price tool is live!

    Just noticed that the build & price is available now for 2022 Expedition. Now I feel like my 2019 is obsolete...:(
  16. RABAYL01

    2022 Expy announced

    I like the Timberline trim of course but the headlamps looks to be a reflector led housing compared to the the projector leds that I have on my Limited.
  17. RABAYL01

    What is this top right drive mode?

    Yeah, I am hoping you ONLY use this feature on snow/ice and on mud/loose dirt conditions. Never use it on dry pavement.
  18. RABAYL01

    Traded the Navigator and couldn't be happier!

    You went from a Body-on-frame SUV with magneto struts (Navigator) to a UNIBODY air suspension SUV (Jeep GCL). Of Course it'll be 10x smoother! The current Expedition and Navigators are not ancient. You should test drive a previous gen Tahoe and sit in the 3rd row. ;)
  19. RABAYL01

    What Have You Done to Your 4th Gen This Week?

    I would get into a lot of trouble with those
  20. RABAYL01

    Changed my daily driver, What is your daily?

    I wanted to chime on this thread as my first post! So my previous DD before my Expy was a 2014 Mazda 3 s GT. I racked up the miles in 5 years when I traded it in with 118k miles on it. Big difference coming from a small hatchback to a full size SUV! Although I did have a 2002 Chevy Avalanche...