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  1. AJ82

    22 Stealth grille LED??

    That panel on the passenger side is the radar sensor for the adaptive cruise. I'm unsure what is behind the driver's side.
  2. AJ82

    2022 Expedition - Cracked Roof Panel; Cracked Lift gate Spoiler

    My 22 built in May has the rubber flap/gasket under the gap. Maybe it was a part shortage somewhere during the build process that some didn't get it.
  3. AJ82

    2022 Expedition - Cracked Roof Panel; Cracked Lift gate Spoiler

    That's what I said too above. Doesn't make sense unless it is being installed differently (smaller gap) or new supplier or something. I think it would be helpful if those with the issues provided more details on their situation. - Was it parked outside? One would assume yes. - Was there any...
  4. AJ82

    2022 Expedition - Cracked Roof Panel; Cracked Lift gate Spoiler

    From what I can tell this part didn't change for the refresh after checking the parts website for multiple years. I wonder what has changed since there didn't seem to be previous complaints on this that I've seen. Is the spoiler gap adjustable during install of the spoiler and it is being set...
  5. AJ82

    Wireless android auto

    The 22 Expedition refresh brought wireless Android Auto capability for all trim levels with the new head units/screens running Sync 4 and 4a. Prior years just support wired unless you buy one of those dongles like you mentioned. The F150 was updated with the new head units/screens and Sync for...
  6. AJ82

    2023 Expedition

    I am not
  7. AJ82

    2023 Expedition

    Glad I could help!
  8. AJ82

    22 Timberline headlights

    There is no brightness adjustment. For aim alignment check the "ADJUSTING THE HEADLAMPS" section of the manual. It should have been aligned correctly at the factory. Can't hurt to check they did it.
  9. AJ82

    Looking for Large SUV TV Recommendation

    The spreadsheet is located on Google docs not on the forum itself. That link takes you to it. If you search for "Can we talk HD Tow one more time?" you will bring up the forum topic where it was developed by a member. This sheet has one or two 3rd gens on it I believe, there is no other specific...
  10. AJ82

    Looking for Large SUV TV Recommendation

    Since you are new here you may not be aware of the following. It shows the payload capacity of different members Expys. It is possible to get a MAX with a payload over 1,900 lbs. But as mentioned, if you move up the trim ladder with more options the payload goes down...
  11. AJ82

    2022 Timberline - does the HD Trailer Tow package remove the limited slip diff?

    The Timberline comes standard with the eLSD. Adding the tow package shouldn't remove it. So if it has the eLSD it will have the "locker" button. It isn't a mechanical locker (pin), it just uses the clutches in the LSD to "lock" the rear end. There have been several instances IMO where the online...
  12. AJ82

    2022 HD towing package radiator

    I did the same search using my VIN as well (XLT with HD Tow). Also the RAD250. When you search the 2021 it lists RAD130 for standard and RAD152 for HD tow. So the 2022's did get an updated version over the prior years it seems.
  13. AJ82

    2023 Expedition

    In my particular case/retail order, the invoice price was 4% under the MSRP at the time of order. The MSRP increased another $2,000 while I was waiting for it to be built but did not affect me as I was locked in at the ordered price (though the Maroney sticker shows the increased price)...
  14. AJ82

    2023 Expedition

    When I ordered my 22 earlier this year (January) both Granger Ford (Granger, IA) and Chapman (Horsham, PA) were offering under invoice pricing on retail orders. Notice I said under invoice not MSRP. I went with Chapman and everything was good. I don't know if they are still doing that or not.
  15. AJ82

    2019 Coolant type?

    2022 manual states: Motorcraft® Yellow Prediluted Antifreeze/ Coolant(U.S.) Specification: WSS-M97B57-A2
  16. AJ82


    I heard on the news this morning they believe this vehicle didn't have the battery box fix done yet.
  17. AJ82

    2022 Expedition Brake Controller

    The base non-HD tow is able to tow 6,000 lbs. Trailers over 3,000 lbs are required to have brakes in my state (Michigan). So if the trailer has electric brakes at 3,000 lbs you should have a controller installed and not be relying on the vehicle's brakes. From the manual: Ford Motor Company...
  18. AJ82

    Bigger trailer

    Glad I could help. One thing I forgot to mention above is the WDH can weigh around 100 lbs itself so that eats into your payload too. Best to load as much as you can into the trailer vs in the Expy since only a percentage transfers back when you do that (while keeping within the hitch receiver...
  19. AJ82

    Bigger trailer

    Maybe? You are likely to hit your Expedition's payload limit prior to hitting the maximum towing weight with a travel trailer. The attachment you provided shows a maximum payload of 1,600 lbs for your year. What is the actual payload of your vehicle? This can be found on the "Tire and Loading...
  20. AJ82

    Hit with $4400 cam phaser bill on my 2018

    Based on what I have read on this forum, Ford updated the cam phaser design sometime during the 2020 model year (March?). Did it fix the issue? Unknown at this time until more miles/time goes by. Here is a video showing the differences:
  21. AJ82

    Odd tire? Really on a new 2022 Exp!

    2022 XLT 202A with Special Edition: 275/55R20 Toyo Open Country H/T-D with 265/70R17 Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT spare
  22. AJ82

    2021 - Limited Slip axle or no?

    My 22 had the ELSD called out on the window sticker under optional equipment. I specifically ordered it that way as the HD Tow doesn't include that as standard anymore, it has to be added as an option. I believe that started in 20 or 21.
  23. AJ82

    Erratic Lane Centering

    My 22 doesn't bounce back and forth like that with lane centering turned on. It stays pretty true to center always making minor corrections to stay there. If just lane keeping assist is turned on (no centering) it does the "ping pong" back and forth. So assuming you have lane centering turned...
  24. AJ82

    Ford Refusing to Honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    Good to know, thanks
  25. AJ82

    Ford Refusing to Honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    Are those cracks on the taillight housing internal or external? If they are internal than their "it was in an accident" makes no sense at all. How could it be in an accident with only the inside cracking? I would see that as extremely unlikely. If the cracks are external they could argue...