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  1. apex96

    Just curious- why no interior release on fuel filler door?

    This is not so. No 4th gen has a locking fuel door. I have a 2018 xlt 202A packaged expedition and the filler door does not lock. You simply push in to pop it out. Now if you’re not precise with where to push, it won’t pop out. You can purchase the filler neck locking caps to secure the ez-fill...
  2. apex96

    Steering Wheel Heat - Forscan?

    Yes the adjustment in forscan will make a difference. I increased the heat output by about 4 degrees, it’s cooler to the touch then my wife’s edge but warmer than it was from the factory.
  3. apex96

    How to prove your fourth generation expedition tranny is slipping?

    So I have an update as to what failed internally. My service advisor sent me a quick explanation as to what they found. Service advisor stated “Removed transmission and mounted to bench. Removed internal parts. Found CDF drum to be cause of failure. The bushing spun blocking fluid passages. Also...
  4. apex96

    Cam Phaser engine damage

    They may have had them replaced with original type which was a faulty design. The newer design seems to be holding up. I had mine replaced in late 21 and have over 30,000 miles on them now with no issues so far.
  5. apex96

    Ford Dealer Service departments compared to other brands

    Most of the ford dealerships around southwestern, PA have all of the items you mention. Dealers are independent of the manufacturer and can choose to modernize at their discretion. Ford may incentivize them to modernize by taking away allocations and not allowing them to sell certain models...
  6. apex96

    How to prove your fourth generation expedition tranny is slipping?

    I checked with my dealer on Friday afternoon. My vehicle is about 3,500 miles outside of Ford’s Powertrain warranty however, Ford has decided to cover a replacement. Ford however has not yet decided on if they want to provide a remanufactured unit or a new unit. My extended warranty is currently...
  7. apex96

    U.K. Lighting Conversion

    Check out this thread:
  8. apex96

    Wireless android auto

    The 21 expedition runs sync3. The 21 F150 runs sync4. Ford updates the 150s before the expedition’s. Your so. Has the newest tech and to have similar tech in an expedition you would need to have a 22 model expedition.
  9. apex96

    Valvoline Maxlife Automatic Transmission Fluid

    Only use the ULV for your transmission. Use of any other fluid can cause transmission failure. I would caution against having a flush done. It’s usually better to drop the pan, drain the fluid, and have the filter changed.
  10. apex96

    How to prove your fourth generation expedition tranny is slipping?

    Have a 2018, vehicle shuddered in gears 3,4, and 5. Dealer confirmed the same and reprogrammed TCM. Reprogram appeared to fix the issue for the first 300 miles after the reprogram. Unfortunately the issue came back and it now shuddered in gears 3,4,5,6 and sometimes 7. The vehicle shudders...
  11. apex96

    Would you buy your XLT again?

    Yes the technology package was an addition on top of the 202a package. I can’t recall if you could get the front parking sensors on the XLT. I believe the 360 and front sensors were an option on the limited for the 18 models and not available on the XLT trim.
  12. apex96

    Would you buy your XLT again?

    I’ll take the projector halogens over the LED as I can replace them with an HID setup with replaceable bulbs. When the factory LED fail you’ll need to replace the whole assembly… $$$. I’d love for Ford to make a factory LED projector assembly with replaceable LED diode chips but I’m sure that...
  13. apex96

    Convert rotary to console shift?

    I wouldn’t go that far… it takes some time to become comfortable with, for sure. I came from an F150 with the column shifter and 40/20/40 bench setup… even if I had the captains chairs and 4 cup holder center console, I’m never carrying 4 drinks with me… Now to whether you could retrofit the...
  14. apex96

    2018 Tail Light Assembly Question

    The tail lights are sealed housings, for the LED version. The cheaper version is for those who have the standard incandescent bulbs. You cannot pull the guts out of the LED housing. Your dealer’s parts guy was correct in telling you that only the one part number was correct for your vehicle.
  15. apex96

    Pulls to the right in 4A/4WD

    Sounds like the transfer case clutches are slipping and not fully locking up for one side. I’ve experienced this same issue in a company owned 2019 ford explorer sport, while on travel for work. It’s truly terrifying if you’re not expecting it and you’re pulling out to pass on a two lane road.
  16. apex96

    Engine Backfire

    More then likely fuel has puddled up in the cylinder and when you restart a hot vehicle that extra fuel gets pull through without being combusted. The exhaust is still hot and once the fuel hits the exhaust it ends up igniting.
  17. apex96

    Engine Backfire

    This is not a common issue at all. If you've removed your cats and O2 sensors, and have not tuned for such your vehicle is more than likely trying to compensate by dumping fuel into the intake track. The ECU will default to running rich as a way try and prevent a lean condition from severely...
  18. apex96

    2022 Ford Expedition - Multiple DTC after removing rear passenger seat

    Second row middle seat removal will probably be fine. Dennis removed one of the captain’s chairs. Removing one of the outer seats from the bench configuration will probably set off similar alarms.
  19. apex96

    Owl Cam & Sensor Node

    That’s the ambient light sensor. With it covered your vehicle will think it’s dark out and turn on the lights plus dim the interior gauge and center stack lights for night driving. It’s best to move the camera mount to the left or right to allow the sensor to sense the ambient light levels as...
  20. apex96

    [2020 Ford expedition Limited] Passenger Doors (every door except driver door) doesn't lock/unlock remotely

    A battery that is beginning to fail will cause the vehicle to exhibit issues like you are describing. Have the battery load tested to ensure it’s good.
  21. apex96

    Ford Refusing to Honor Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    Take it to a different dealership. I purchased my 2016 F150 from them when it was under different ownership… they were ****** with their sales tactics and after that experience I never took it to them again. I would take it to Richmond ford, one of the largest in the state. Richmond always gave...
  22. apex96

    2019 EXP upgrade cluster to 8"

    It would be best to browse the f150 forums for better details into this swap. I know there was a forum member over there that was programming clusters for a fee, for those that were doing the swaps on their trucks.
  23. apex96

    Changed out halogen for LED today

    Going with an HID kit where 3k temp colors are possible may be a better option for improved lighting and the color temp you prefer.
  24. apex96

    Changed out halogen for LED today

    Yes the manual is incorrect. The correct light information is molded into the lower lens of each light housing (fogs included).