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    ‘22 Timberline Driver Door Master Switch Module Died (no control for folding mirrors, windows), then started working again

    I’ve experienced the same issue with my ‘22 Timberline about 4 times now. The common experience is when the temperature drops into the 20’s or colder, the entire window switch/ mirror switch on the driver side door- only is dead. In the afternoon, the entire switch operates without issue...
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    2022 Expedition Brake Controller

    Here’s a Timberline with the TBC installed.
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    2022 Expedition Brake Controller

    I have a 2022 Expedition, Timberline, without the Max Tow option. Has anyone had any luck installing a brake controller? The part specified by Ford for my 2022 does not fit (the controller didn't fit in the available spot)- the dealer tried to install and wasn't able to. After removing the...