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    I have viberation at 55 mph. 04 expedition Had tires re balanced 6 times 1 tire has 6 weights on it. Still viberation We think it might be struts or drive line or bad rim torque converter
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    Towing with 2004 expedition

    What is a c load
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    Towing with 2004 expedition

    I got my com relatives that died
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    Towing with 2004 expedition

    We are towing a travel trailer for the first time it has hitch on it and a plug Eddie Bauer series 4x4 What do we need to add and how big of travel trailer size and weight can we haul with it And do we need to change to lt tires
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    Cabin filter

    Does the 2004 have cabin filter in it
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    I have 3 continenail contac 1 pathfinder about 4 to 5 month months old I go to discount tires and they don’t drive them due to covid
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    Change out my wheel bearing to Ford service design hub assembly has a vibration that you can feel al over the expedition and it vibrates at barking any apps anyone uses to determine problem I am think road force balance need to be done None the front end was ever replace or front struts
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    Change rear bearing it stil has a vibration in back

    Change rear bearing hub still has vibration and klunking noise in front
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    Steering wheel audio/cruise button fix

    how do remove the airbag
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    how to clear airbag light

    it flash 5 times than 2 times than goes solid stays on
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    cruise control not working no light on dashboard

    cruise control not working
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    my tire wobble side to side when jack up is it baad wheel bearing

    my tires wobble side to side when jack up it has vibrateation when going above 46 mph could it wheel bearing
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    Rattle in front end

    My expedition rattles in front end at 60 mph slow or stop when car get to below 30 mph
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    car seat covers

    reccomendation for eddie bauer seat covers
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    aftermarket key fob

    has anyone use one before
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    aftermarket key fob

    has anyone use one are they as good as the orginal the orginal owner only gave me one key fob and key
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    vibration at 50 mphs

    no it didnt solve the problem was thinking ujoint on drive axle
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    linios here

    would like to meet other expedition owners in illinios
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    vibration at 50 mphs

    when it gets to 50 mphs it shaks alots you can feel in the seats and steering whhel had tires rotated and balance
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    how to tell in are in 4x4

    how to tell you are in 4x4
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    Vibration and thumping noise while driving

    My expedition makes a thumping noise and vibration while in drive
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    a4wd is not come on dashboard

    what is forscan
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    a4wd is not come on dashboard

    no light for it on dashboard