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    Buying parts for timing job on my basket case Navigator, rockers and tappets have gone way up in price! Fix it???

    I did a timing job on my 2007 Expy in 2019. Now I have to have the rockers and lash adjusters to change as the tapping sound has started. Should have done everything back then. Oh well. Ride has been very reliable thus far and I am still ahead of the game. Have you seen the price for a...
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    Moog front hubs any good?

    I find the best replacement Hub Wheel Bearings to purchase are TIMKEN hubs. I replaced my right rear hub at 100k and at 218k, it is still rolling strong. I read somewhere that TIMKENs are used as OEM parts for my 2007 Ford Expedition. Moog parts are made in China and I hear sooooo many...
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    2014 limited still taking the family on Vacations!

    My 2007 Ford Expedition EL is my trusted steed. Wife and I have taken multiple road trips and the Expy has never left us stranded. In the past, I was in the market for a new SUV but the reliability issues and prices deterred me from moving forward. At this point, I said to myself, "If the...
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    2010 Expy Horror Story - Content warning not for the squeamish

    This is why I wash my undercarriage as soon as soon as possible after traveling through road salted roads.
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    Expedition means low quality

    I just think the entire vehicle market is out of control. SUV's are upwards near $100K!!! This is Porsche territory. I feel for the money Ford is asking, these vehicles should not have historical and current problems such as coolant leaks, turbo wastegate noises, gaps in the instrument...
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    Buying a 3rd gen, what year is best?

    Whatever 3rd generation you purchase, make sure oil changes were performed in a timely manner. For the ones with the 5.4 Triton, be prepared to perform a timing job. This is one of the most common repairs to be performed.
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    2022 10R80 Transmission Clunky

    Very unsettling! Especially at these price points!
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    Looking at 2019-4x4 & 2021-4x2 Limited, 303a Stealth package

    You will find that the bench seats will meet your needs as opposed to the captains chairs. In my experience, they work better with family.
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    Vids on YouTube about the 5.4 Triton Make Me Want To Back Out of this Purchase

    Just had to jump in here and mention these 3rd Gens are pretty reliable if one is VERY particular when it comes to maintenance. Fluid changes are critical. Overall, I feel Ford did a great job on the 07 model year than most others. Only 2 historical recalls on record. Can't say the same...
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    Camshaft phasers

    Keep us posted on the final outcome. If confirmed that the alternator was the culprit, please let us know.
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    Vids on YouTube about the 5.4 Triton Make Me Want To Back Out of this Purchase

    Currently have a 2007 Expedition with 216k miles that was purchased with 172k. As someone said on this thread, one of the main keys to keeping this engine running is frequent fluid changes. My engine oil is changed every 4k miles and my tranny fluid is changed every 25 to 30k. If the seller...
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    Poor Gas Mileage

    Your 07 gets between 22 to 24 mpg on the HWY?!?! Great numbers. My 07 has reached 19.5 mpg max on the HWY. Changed fuel filter, plugs, air filter and cleaned mass air sensor to increase numbers but no good. Next move is to have my fuel system cleaned along with injectors. Hopefully I will...
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    HELP - timing chain fell off

    I would have to agree about replacing the motor. More than likely, there are metal shavings throughout the engine. I would suspect the chain was making contact with the timing cover for some time and just wearing it away. Since this is an interference engine, valves are probably bent. A...
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    Poor quality by the manufacturer. PERIOD!
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    Transmission fluid change interval

    I currently have a 2007 Expedition and change my tranny and diff fluids every 30K. Currently have 215K on the vehicle. Rather keep fluid clean and ready at all times. Just my preference. To go 100k on fluid is nutz!
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    What’s considered high mileage on a Gen3 expy?

    Just reading through some of these posts. I have to say that I am keeping my 07 Expy until the wheels fall off. This decision was reinforced after my visit to the dealer. $80k for a Stealth Edition?? No thanks! My ride is rolling strong at 215k.
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    6R80 transmission cooler lines warning

    Once a month I crawl under my 07 Expedition looking for leaks. I will make sure to keep an extra eye on transmission cooler lines in the future. Though my year of vehicle wasn't mentioned in the video, I will still take a proactive approach. Great video....... Thanks!
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    Paint on lift gate bubbling, is there anything being done to correct this problem? I have a 2012, lift gate paint is bubbling and starting to crack

    I have the same problem. Take it to a few body shops for a quote or make frequent touch ups.
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    Gas mileage question

    I have a 2007 Ford Expy and my current gas mpg is similar to yours, 11.5 in city and 19 on hwy. The 19 mpg was obtained by driving very, very conservatively. I drive on Cooper Evolution Tires, check my tire pressure every Monday, change my air filter at the required intervals, add Lucas Top...
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    2022 Expedition - Schedule for production ?

    Close to $85,000 for and SUV? Maybe I am old school but that is very steep. Yeah.... I will hold on to mine Gen 3 for a bit longer.
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    2015 Transmission Failure

    How often has the transmission been changed prior to the failure? I have a 2007 Expedition and recommended fluid changes are at 20k miles.
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    A warning…

    How often do you change your oil? Also, what brand of oil filter do you generally use?
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    A warning…

    Good to know. Thanks! My original timing equipment lasted 192,000 miles before the dreaded sound of the cold start "Death Rattle."
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    A warning…

    Great! Another timing job in my future!!!!