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    New thermostat housing for 4th gen???

    Not sure about our Expedition, but we also have a Dodge Durango and last year I had to have the thermostat replaced and the housing and thermostat come as one unit.
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    Timberline Sway Bar Upgrade

    I replaced the stock sway bars on my 2020 Limited Stealth (HD Towing) with Hellwig front and back and it made a huge improvement, especially when towing. Only issue, they are a little pricey.
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    Catalytic Convertor Theft Protection

    My thanks to everyone for their input and information, I will be ordering the skip plate. For the individual who asked where in Texas, we live in Orange, TX, which is close to Beaumont on I-10.
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    Catalytic Convertor Theft Protection

    I have a 2020 Expedition Limited Max 4x4 with Heavy Duty Towing. Here in Texas, Catalytic Convertor theft has become a real problem and I was wondering if anyone had found a theft deterrent shield or any other device to protect the Catalytic Convertor? I have found them listed for the F-150, but...
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    2022 Expedition Owner's Manual (.PDF)

    Just a question, can anyone tell me if there any other differences between the HO 3.5 and the non-HO 3.5 version other than the tuning?
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    How are the Different Horsepower Rating for the 3.5 EcoBoost Accomplished?

    I have a question regarding the different horsepower rating between the Expedition XLT/Limited rated at 375 horsepower, the Expedition Platinum rated at 400 horsepower and the Navigator rated at 450 horsepower. Is this difference accomplished strictly through different tunings to the 3.5...