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  1. Ellison Brown III

    2018 tail lamp fogging

    I experienced this. Here’s my story… Changed my reverse bulbs to Sylvania LED’s awhile back. Nice and bright. No issues. Then I came across these Anzo Sequential LED Taillights at Vivid Racing. They are badass; trust me. Installed them on the truck. All was good… for about a month. The driver...
  2. Ellison Brown III

    Jailbreak Sync 3?

    I’ve done it. Was pretty straightforward. Must pay close attention to your current version build date, and the new version build date you need to upgrade to. Be patient… closely follow instructions. Did this on my 2016 Expedition. Only thing side affect I’ve noticed is occasionally the streamed...
  3. Ellison Brown III

    Would love some folks thoughts on this, regarding oil changes on this engine.

    I spoke with a Ford tech awhile back about getting these replaced. He told me he’s yet to change any. Told me it wasn’t as necessary as I might’ve thought. I was a bit shocked to say the least. Thought he was blowing me off at first. Turned out he was in the middle of something. As soon as he...
  4. Ellison Brown III

    Oil Change Impossible?

    Exactly… I’m only familiar with the plastic drain plug being on F-150’s; at least the 2016 2.7 liter my buddy drives has that plastic drain plug.
  5. Ellison Brown III

    FordTechMakuloco is in the News…

    Ecoboost 5k Mile Oil Change Interval Was on my phone looking for something on the internet. Came across an article mentioning how our engines should follow a 5k mile oil change schedule. I’ve been following Brian’s channel for a few years now. Have gain much knowledge because of it. Even...
  6. Ellison Brown III

    Flàmes out exhaust

    Raw gas and the catalytic converter are not friends.
  7. Ellison Brown III

    Sync and Screen died

    Not surprised they won’t cover the leak. I have an aftermarket warranty that won’t cover it either. They “specifically” call out “seals and O-rings” as not warranted if they are the cause of an issue. So, I just replaced the leaky O-ring myself.
  8. Ellison Brown III

    Is my mpg reasonable?

    I’ve got a ‘16 EL for hauling my tools/ travel stuff while on the road. Gas sipping characteristic’s weren’t on my mind when shopping for something that could comfortably haul my stuff, and have enough room for me to nap between hotels. While also having enough power to tow my car trailer. Was...
  9. Ellison Brown III

    Driver side AC not working, changed blend actuator not fixed now what?

    Make sure the flapper on the blend door actually moves when the blend motor actuates. Either take a screwdriver to the opposite side of where the motor mounts and rotate the blend door if possible (done this on other vehicles). See if temperature changes. If so, the rod that the motor actuates...
  10. Ellison Brown III

    What does this go to?

    That’s what I was going to tell you. Figured it out fast on your own.
  11. Ellison Brown III

    Sync 3.4 Update Question

    I started with Sync 2.2; original to my ‘16 EL. Then, I updated to Sync 3.0 a few years ago. Just updated to the latest version about 2-3wks ago. I’m liking it so far. Had no issues with the update process.
  12. Ellison Brown III

    3.5 EB probs?

    FordTechMakuloco did my timing chain, valve cleaning, spark plugs, and front & rear differential fluid. Total was approximately $4100. He charges a bit less for the valve cleaning because he got the engine broken down for the timing chain replacement. I apologize g Ft or not remembering the...
  13. Ellison Brown III


    I’ve done the rear blend door actuator in a 2nd generation EB. Learned a lot from the first install. Figured out I didn’t have to remove the rear seat and entire passenger side quarter panel cover to replace the replacement. I did drop my ratchet once, but was able to retrieve it by pulling it...
  14. Ellison Brown III

    2021 headlights

    Headlight Revolution
  15. Ellison Brown III

    HVAC 2003 Expedition XLT 5.4l

    Definitely worth checking…
  16. Ellison Brown III

    Problems With Rear lift gate

    Damn… that’s a bit far.
  17. Ellison Brown III

    BORA 1.25" Wheel Spacers (came off 2016 EL) and nuts (set of 4)

    I’ve got that same set. Awesome price!!!
  18. Ellison Brown III

    No power to radio fuse.....

    Matt, I posted two schematics that might help you.
  19. Ellison Brown III

    No power to radio fuse.....

    Alan, if you look at the two schematics you see that f28 in the Smart Junction Box. One mentions it being the switched power. The other schematic shows where power flows once switched. One can figure out which circuit provides the voltage using this schematic.
  20. Ellison Brown III

    No power to radio fuse.....

    Sorry to hear about your Expy woes. Hopefully, this information can be of some help.
  21. Ellison Brown III

    Problems With Rear lift gate

    Wouldn’t happen to be in the Huntsville, AL area are you? I’d hookup with you to see what’s going on. Very interested in why it won’t act right. Believe we could get it done. Chances are you’re probably on the other side of the world.
  22. Ellison Brown III

    SYNC-3 Upgrade to SYNC-3.4.21xx Ford Says this can't be done, it can, I did it on my 2016 Expedition's SYNC-3.0 System.

    Update: got the update done this afternoon. Super easy thanks to the link to the video I watched 4 times. So far I like the upgrade. Didn’t play with it too much. Did like the ability to change background colors. Thank you so much for posting this information!!!
  23. Ellison Brown III

    CarPlay in a 2014 Expedition/Navigator?

    I have a 2016 Expedition. It didn’t come with CarPlay. I just swapped out the USB port in the center console for one out of a 2018 Ford Focus. Plugged in my phone, and bam!!! Apple CarPlay. Not sure if the 2014 has the ability to recognize the USB port.
  24. Ellison Brown III

    Motorcraft or Akebono ceramic pads?

    I’m using Duralast Gold. Been good so far. Definitely outlasted my OEM’s. Replaced those twice before going ceramic. Btw, I did ceramic pads and rotors all the way around. Just towed the wife’s Buick Encore from Atlanta to Arizona. And my RV from Jacksonville to Huntsville. No issues. Glad I...
  25. Ellison Brown III

    2023 Tailgate issue

    So, try this. The system has a limiting switch designed in it. Disconnect the arm that lifts/ lowers the hatch located on the driver side. Make a note of what direction you turn it, and how many turns. Reattach it. Operate the door and watch what it does. At this point you might be Roth on, or...