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  1. KOTU

    What color is my Eddie Bauer?

    If the color is like the color shown in my profile picture to the left of this reply, the color is G5 - Alloy Metallic. My truck is a 2007 Lincoln Navigator L
  2. KOTU

    2007 Expedition power steps

    My '07 Lincoln Navigator has retractable power steps. Given the similarities between the Expeditions and Navigators, it may be possible to attach/power the steps. Search the site and view the exploded parts diagrams for the Navigator, EL, and Platinum models. If you're thinking...
  3. KOTU

    Noisy 5.4 3v

    Definitely a lifter, rocker/roller issue. I had the same sound from my cylinder 2. The roller had frozen and the ball on the lifter eventually wore down. Don't let that happen; I lucked out there wasn't more damage than those two parts.
  4. KOTU

    Coolant recommendation

    Motorcraft -Yellow is the correct coolant to use. It can be blended with your coolant system's current coolant. However, it is best to drain the coolant system and refill it with Yellow. I put a 3/8" i.d. hose onto the petcock to avoid having the coolant spatter over the front part of the frame...
  5. KOTU

    Jingling sound coming from the front right tire assembly area

    My truck is a 2007 Lincoln Navigator L, Triton 5.4L 3V. When I drive over a shallow pothole in the road, I hear a jingling sound that comes from the area of the right-side front tire. The sound lasts only a few seconds and sounds like a stack of thin fender washers being dropped like a stack of...
  6. KOTU

    3rd Brake Light Inop

    Just this past week I repaired the third brake light on my '07 Lincoln Navigator L. Mine had five 5W5 bulbs. They are the same bulbs that are used to illuminate the license plate. After getting the light fixture out from the truck's roof and taking it apart, I saw that over the years the heat...
  7. KOTU

    Coolant Flush? The easy way please!

    Having an '07 Navigator L myself, the only tips that I would suggest is to put a 3/8" i.d. hose onto the radiator's petcock to keep the coolant from spattering all over and or using your shop vac to pull the coolant out of the heater core and engine through the thermostat housing. I recently had...
  8. KOTU

    2014 Limited 5.4l. ( Which Coolant do you guys trust)?

    Yes, if I understood it correctly, the yellow coolant can be mixed with gold. Another thing I did when I had my engine apart for doing the timing is, I installed a 3/8" I.D. hose with a hose clamp onto the radiator drain to make changing the coolant in the future that much easier. Also when I...
  9. KOTU

    2014 Limited 5.4l. ( Which Coolant do you guys trust)?

    I used Motorcraft VC-13-G / Yellow in my '07 Navigator's 5.4L 3V as per Fordtechmakuloco. Be forewarned if you buy concentrate from Amazon you might receive 50/50 instead. I ordered concentrate from 2 separate vendors twice, and both times I was sent 50/50.
  10. KOTU

    Strange drivers side window issue

    I get the same issue on my '07 Navigator driver-side window especially when it's cooler weather. My thinking is that the glass binds within the track and as the motor pushes the glass up the motor overheats and stops to save the motor from burning out. I wait maybe thirty seconds and the motor...
  11. KOTU

    Timing chain - bare minimum?

    I just finished a timing job on my '07 Lincoln Navigator L. I followed the steps outlined in the 4-part Ford 5.4L 3v Engine Timing Chain Kit Replacement videos on the FordTechMakuloco YouTube channel. He recommends parts and tools available from Amazon, which I bought. If you are going to...
  12. KOTU

    Engine knocking, only at idle

    Definitely your VCT solenoids. I've had the same issue on my 2007 Lincoln Navigator L