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    2025 ford expedition redesign

    Looks like I may pickup a 2021 now and then get into the 2025, seems like the premium jump from a used 21 vs 22 isn't worthwhile. Guess I will load up the warranty and cross my fingers!
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    2023 Expedition Max (Limited or Plat) or wait for MY24

    I am waiting until 2024 comes out hoping perhaps they resolve trans issues and supply chain improves...I hate that the 2023 platinums are missing multiple features (with insufficient credits to offset). Also seems like 2024 may have significant interior improvements that will be worth the wait.
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    2023 Ordering Timeline Thread

    With order banks closing on 2023s yesterday when does ford typically announce any updates for 2024 models? Looking at a new 2022 plat but if 2024 will have improvements may just hold out...I hate the 2022/2023 platinums have the MCS delete and only $300 credit but financing incentive now is strong.
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    Possible to get CCD on Limited (non stealth)?

    Is it possible to find a used 22 or order a new 23 Max Limited w/o the stealth package and get CCD. The 2022 brochure shows CCD as optional on limiteds, the current builder on the website shows it only available with the stealth package. Trying to figure out if it is even worthwhile to try...