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  1. postwick

    Any idea what this is?

    Something the previous owner added. It was double side taped to the middle of the dash near the bottom of the windshield. There are no markings nor logos nor anything else on it. The wire goes along the dash and down the right side somewhere behind the glove box.
  2. postwick

    Spark plugs - I'm a little confused about what to buy

    I've got a 2007 Expedition with 185k miles and need to replace the plugs and coils. Consensus seems to be it would be unlikely the original two piece plugs are still in it. Either way, I'll have the extractor tool on hand when I do it just in case I need it. So my question is.. What the hell...
  3. postwick

    Weird steering issue - might just be in my head

    2017 Expedition Eddie Bauer 184k miles. Driving today, I noticed when I'm driving slowly, like in a parking lot, when I'm turning the wheel at certain points it seems like it monetarily gets harder to turn. Could just be my imagination, but what causes such an issue?
  4. postwick

    Is this clicking the A/C thing I see mentioned in other forums?

    Just started today. Only happens for maybe 10 seconds when I first start the truck. Probably a coincidence but the first time I heard it was after I disconnected and reconnected the battery today to get rid of the check engine light (that I caused by forgetting to reconnect the engine air temp...
  5. postwick

    TRQ loaded struts?

    Surprisingly I got zero results when searching the forum for TRQ. So what do you guys think of these? For a 2007 Expedition that's bouncy. It won't get heavy duty use. Worst it'll be on is dirt roads...
  6. postwick

    Miss when taking foot off accelerator?

    When driving at expressway speeds, and taking my foot off the accelerator, I could swear it feels like a miss. Would a miss make sense here? Something else?
  7. postwick

    Remote control only raises volume one notch

    Bought a 2007 Expedition Eddie Bauer 4wd last week. It has the overhead rear entertainment system. I found a remote in one of the seat pouches, put batteries in it and it seems to work. Except when I press volume up it raises the front stereo volume one notch and won't raise it more. So I tried...
  8. postwick

    Easy Bluetooth add-on, great sound

    I wasn't expecting much but for $15 and easy Amazon returns, I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did. It works great and I like that it's not one of ones that plugs into the aux port because those you have to keep charged. Easy setup, it's not as big as others I looked at, and it works great. Took a...
  9. postwick

    Stumbled onto an unexpected solution for faded black plastic

    So I'm doing a two stage polish and ceramic on my Expedition. While I was doing the first stage with Chemical Guys cutting polish, I accidentally got some on the black trim at the bottom of the windshield. When I wiped it off that spot looked brand new. So I grabbed a hand polishing pad and did...
  10. postwick

    Aftermarket running boards - 4" 5" 6"?

    Looking at getting a set of these for my 2007 Expedition Eddie Bauer. The factory running boards are in rough shape. Not sure which would be best, as far as size - 4, 5 or 6 inch?
  11. postwick

    What is "EL" and how do I know if mine is EL?

    Bought a 2007 Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4. It has the 7 passenger third row seating. When looking at things online I see mention of an "EL" version. Are they all EL? Is mine EL? Does the third row seating mean it's EL? Mine is the U18 VIN code, if that helps.
  12. postwick

    Cleaning up the rear bumper step trim?

    The step trim on the rear bumper of my '07 is pretty faded. Could I pop it off and spray it with truck bed liner? Something else?
  13. postwick legit?

    Overhead rear entertainment system has a bum DVD player. Found a reman on Wondering if they're legit or if they'll take my money and I'll never see the part.
  14. postwick legit?

    The overheard rear entertainment system in my 2007 Expedition has a bum DVD player. Found a reman on for a good price. Wondering if they will just take my money and I'll never see the part, or if they're reputable.
  15. postwick

    I got all choked up over my new (to me) Expedition

    I bought a 2007 Expedition Eddie Bauer 4x4 yesterday. After work today I drove it to the auto parts store for some cleaners and such, and new windshield wipers. I bought the truck from one of those "I have a dealer license and a small warehouse, buy vehicles at auction and list them on...
  16. postwick

    My new Expedition

    Just picked up a 2007 Expedition 4x4 as a second vehicle, to complement my not-exactly-practical Dodge Challenger. Talk about going to the other end of the spectrum!
  17. postwick

    What are these dash trim pieces called, next to the radio?

    The one on the left is worn and I'd like to replace or paint it. But when I try to Google for it all I get is the radio face panel or those aftermarket dash trim kits. What are these trim pieces called? Oh and from looking at radio removal videos they might actually be one piece...

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