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  1. aggiegrad05

    2022 Navi - ActiveGlide
  2. aggiegrad05

    This means I have to sell it now, right?

  3. aggiegrad05

    Price cut and XL trim coming Inevitabilities with the intro of the new Yukaburbahoe triplets. Limiteds are getting an almost $3k cut off MSRP and the XL will be available for non-fleet buyers at about $50k. No price cut for the XLT. (They...
  4. aggiegrad05

    LED Tail Light Dead Spot

    Anyone run into this? If you look closely it looks like some portion of the actual lighted element (part of a strip maybe?) has fallen down in the housing. The obvious answer is, of course: "take it to the dealer" but I am about 300 miles away from my bumper-to-bumper running out and I don't...
  5. aggiegrad05

    4th Gen Wiring Diagram?

    Man, I hate to start a new thread......but a search of existing threads didn't give me anything. Where might I find a wiring diagram for the 4th gens? I had rear seat entertainment installed on Tuesday (here...
  6. aggiegrad05

    New Recall Affecting 2019 and 2020 MYs Looks like the early adopters in the 2018s dodged this one...which is unusual, ha!
  7. aggiegrad05

    Body work?

    Anyone have any experience with body work on the aluminum panels? Eating lunch today and a branch fell on my hood. Couple of gnarly dents with some paint cracking where the edge of the dent is. Just curious if that’s something I should expect the body shop to be able to handle or if I’m going...
  8. aggiegrad05

    Volume going to 0?

    Driving along and my radio volume keeps turning itself to 0. Sometimes one level at a time (5 to 4) and sometimes all the way down to 0. Anyone run into this?
  9. aggiegrad05

    Park Aid Fault

    This little gem popped up today. Once I turned the truck off and back on it stopped. Hopefully just a fluke... Anyone else run into this?
  10. aggiegrad05

    Auto Start/Stop Disabled due to “Vehicle Charging”?

    Anyone run into this? I noticed my ASS wasn’t shutting the vehicle off. Went to the ASS Status menu and when I come to a stop it disables the ASS and this is the message I get. Normal operation, now towing, nothing weird. No warning lights or anything. Been going on all afternoon. I’m trying...
  11. aggiegrad05

    Jay Leno Inspired Navigator

    So apparently this is a thing. Sorry you missed out on this opportunity, Artie.
  12. aggiegrad05

    Gap in Center Console

    Be careful with the area I have marked in the photo below. I had a pack of gum sitting up there today and some doofus in front of me slammed on his brakes. I did the same and the gum slid forward into that gap and fell into the dash somewhere. It didn’t go into the cubby underneath that sliding...
  13. aggiegrad05

    Ford OTA Updates?

    Does anyone know if Ford issues vehicle system updates over the air (OTA)? I am not talking about Sync updates...I know those are downloaded and installed automatically and in the background. I am talking about vehicle software, i.e. adaptive cruise control, lane keep, etc. I have always...
  14. aggiegrad05

    Automatic Braking

    I remember there was some back and forth on here a few months back about whether the new Expys will actually apply the brakes for you (couldn’t find the thread, sorry). Well I can confirm that it does have that ability and it works. I was turning left through an intersection this morning and...
  15. aggiegrad05

    Headed into the Dealer for Work

    Well, I am headed into the dealer on Tuesday as my truck is officially sick. When it’s trying to shift from 2nd to 3rd, there is a horrendous grinding and it has trouble actually finding the gear. It doesn’t happen all the time as it’s only when it goes from 2-3...1-3 is fine, as is 2-4/5. But...
  16. aggiegrad05

    New(?) Recall
  17. aggiegrad05

    Rain Sensing Wipers

    I can not, for the life of me, figure out the rain sensing wipers on my ‘18. I have the “rain sensing” box checked in the settings menu on the dash, and I have the stalk on the left turned all the way into AUTO (but not too far)...and I’ve got nothing. I was driving through a blinding rain today...
  18. aggiegrad05

    New recall for Expis and Gators A rear window issue, apparently.
  19. aggiegrad05

    Tip and Slide Only Works with LATCH

    The Expis are starting to show up on dealer lots here in the Dallas area so I went to play with one today. I took my son’s booster seat to see just how well the Tip and Slide seating system works in allowing access to the third row. I was disappointed to learn that it doesn’t. If you are only...

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