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    Gas mileage

    I got about 11 mpg around town with the railroad's 2000 Expeditions.
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    1st to 3rd Gear Ten Speed 10r80 transmission shift slip?

    The certificates (documents) for all the aftermarket ford warranties are on Lombard Ford's website. They also sell the warranties at pretty good prices.
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    Another Cam phaser question...

    Yeah, that "software fix" seems like a real scummy solution to a problem that Ford doesn't want to address properly. Almost embarrassing. Why isn't the automotive media all over this? Oh yeah, we don't really have one anymore. They just write about wi-fi and cup holders now in the foreign...
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    Program idle RPM

    No idea what year you're talking about, but using a good diagnostic program should tell you where the miss is. My bet is a bad (new) coil or plug. Not sure about changing the idle speed. Maybe someone else knows.
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    Aftermarket? What aftermarket.

    Yeah, it seems the market prefers the smaller 4 x 4's and the rice burners for customizing these days. Does that mean we're getting old?
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    Aftermarket? What aftermarket.

    Seems like the aftermarket stuff comes out after the prices of used vehicles drops down a bit to attract more of the younger, poorer set who encompass that customization market. The profits are in volume, so you may have to wait a couple of more years...
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    Brake Caliper Leak and Replacement

    If it's not a common issue, most mechanics would see that and construe it to be leaking seals. It could be grease if that's how they were assembled, but that would be kind of stupid.
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    Brake Caliper Leak and Replacement

    Unusual that the rears would wear faster, though it may be a trait with some models. You should always ask the see the work that's needed before you approve it. Ask the mechanic to show you and to teach you what he's talking about. Gotta start somewhere. None of us are born knowing this...
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    Does Anybody Here Worry About Rust?

    Here in metropolitan New York, we get 20 years with Expeditions before the rust becomes a problem. At that point it's usually 250,000 miles and time to go anyway. Seems every model manifest a weak point. The first generation radiator supports and rear body mounts rust away, the third...
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    Someone should go at it with headphones; then we'll know for sure.
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    You're obviously letting facts cloud the issue.
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    Can someone please explain

    By now you've probably found out if you have an internal engine problem, which we all hope you don't. Are you sure the battery's still charged? Try honking the horn, turning on the headlights. If either doesn't work, you may need an alternator or a battery cable. If the battery's good, you...
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    Wow. I'm usually only beaten up for telling the truth by my wife. Thank you aggiegrad. I'm working on being nice to the deniers of fact. Lot's of them these days it seems. If you wire a set of headphones to the radio output, you should hear the FAKE ENGINE NOISE.
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    My 5.4L saga ...

    I know this sounds like a lot of work, but you may have to pull that manifold off again to see what's going on under there. Is there a coolant tube under there somewhere as in the first generation trucks? Maybe something's dented, crimped or kinked in or around where that job was done?
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    Short oil life?

    The dealers here have raised all their prices about 30% in the past month or so.
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    Coil pack trouble

    Ever get those plugs off?
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    One of the links I posted shows how to add a switch for turning it off. You can also disable it with Forscan programming. Then you can judge if the "droning" some complain about is enhanced by the fake noise.
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    No, Mr. Sticker, this isn't a debate about Mr. Trump here. The ANC and fake engine noise is, from what I read, quite a real part of these Ecoboost cars and trucks. The noise cancelling is one thing, but it certainly appears that additional lower frequency sounds are added "to the experience"...
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    Yes, sticker, Trainmaster speaks sooth. We're aware of all the stories out there these days. But some of those that are hard to believe are indeed true. Fake Engine Noise is one of them: You don't have to look too deep to read about this. Just Google "Ford fake engine noise." The F-150...
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    My 5.4L saga ...

    Sounds like your lucky day! I'm happy for you.
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    Interior noise from exhaust

    "Fake engine noise" is created and played through the speakers so the six doesn't sound like a sewing machine. You can search for ways to disable it if you don't mind the real six sound. I believe all the Ecoboost equipped cars have it. A Ford better idea.
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    Key fob

    Yes, change the battery, or clean it and the terminals that hold it. It's covered in the owner's manual.
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    Damn, The repairs doesn’t end!

    I hope the "decent set of parts" you found serves you well. I just got fed up changing parts I had replaced six months earlier. Would have loved to keep it on the road, but back then I could find a 60K truck eight years newer for $10K. It was time. The numbers have changed now, so it's...
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    Damn, The repairs doesn’t end!

    I bit the bullet and got rid of it. It earned its retirement. Soon after, it had a head gasket leak and the brake line above the tank rotted out. It was time to go. When something's no longer serviceable because good quality parts are no longer available, it become a classic and isn't capable...
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    Damn, The repairs doesn’t end!

    I had the same frustration maintaining my 2000. The time comes that nobody makes quality replacement parts for a 20 year old car... Been burned by Moog lately also. It's very difficult.

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