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  1. LokiWolf

    Stupid Crappy Underbody Protection!

    All of this got trapped in the stupid flimsy larger underbody “protector”. All we did was drive on a few slushy roads to pick up lunch. Came back out after I finished watching the 24 Hours of Daytona to clean my Explorer off and noticed the belly piece hanging REAL low. 2 screws and it is...
  2. LokiWolf

    Tuning Fun - Sub 5 Second - On Corn!

    Somebody asked for it. I have tested 3 tuners on the New Expedition and I ended up back where I always do...ZFG Racing! [email protected] is a Wizard at tuning EcoBoosts. Especially when Ethanol is involved! I used a Dragy(Very accurate GPS unit built for measuring Straighline runs) for all of my...
  3. LokiWolf

    EcoBoosts, Fuel, Octane, Ethanol and Tuning...

    So, I am creating this thread as an education thread, and to attempt to get these discussions out of other threads... This thread IS NOT for the following things: Discussing the merits of the Turbocharged V6 vs NA V8 in the Expedition. Discussing the politics of Ethanol and EPA Numbers. This...
  4. LokiWolf

    New Mats - Love Them! This is my 5th set of Mats from this American Company. Had a set in my 17 too. They still looked new after 3+ years. Tons of Colors for piping and custom text if you want it. Ours have Purple Piping because both my Wife and I graduated from JMU and she likes Purple. Had...
  5. LokiWolf

    Limited - Ambient Lighting Not Showing in Sync

    No Ambient lighting setting in the Sync Settings menu in our new 2020 Limited. According to Ford’s website all Limited should have it. 2 Questions: 1). Anybody with a 4th Gen Limited that is also missing Ambient Lighting? 2). Anybody else ran in to this and found a fix if it was just a...
  6. LokiWolf

    Jumped to Gen 4!!

    Guess I will be spending a little more time in the 4th Gen area! Old on the Left, New on the Right! Wife is Happy! 2020 Limited Max. Only one thing it didn’t have that we discovered tonight is the colored accent lighting. Anybody added it or had the dealer add it after purchase? Sent...
  7. LokiWolf

    Catch Can!

    If you have a 15-17 and aren’t running a Catch can you are severely missing out on an easy build up preventer, and possible issues down the line. See images below. It was a nice day after a week of severe cold, so I took the opportunity to empty my Catch cans on both my 16 Edge Sport and my 17...
  8. LokiWolf

    Small Mod - Replacement 3rd Brakelight

    Before: After: After(Lit): SO MUCH better looking than stock!! It really is the small things... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. LokiWolf

    Rear Seat Interior Lights - Trick? there a trick to getting the rear seat interior lights out. Trying to swap to LED. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious tab. This is the Driver side. I can see a tab on the right, that is hook in, but nothing on the left to pop...? Looking for the trick. Thanks! Sent from...
  10. LokiWolf

    2016 Late and 2017 Rear Wiper

    Apparently Ford changed the rear wiper design half way through the 2016 production run, and for the 17’s. Anybody had to replace theirs. Need to replace it on the Wife’s 17, but can’t find it anywhere. Guess I can go to the dealer, but was hoping to Amazon it or get it from Advance...
  11. LokiWolf

    Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 - First Impressions

    Hey all, As I have hinted to in a few threads I have been testing a new Tuner Option available to us. It is the Hypertech Max Energy 2.0. The tuner itself has been around for a short while, the new part is there are now tunes for the Explorer and Expedition available now. Full disclosure, I...
  12. LokiWolf

    ForScan Tweaks - 2015+

    I am sure there is a thread somewhere on this Forum discussing ForScan. But People are asking about it in multiple places in this Forum, so I figured a Thread was in order. What is ForScan? It is a app used for diagnostics and interacting with the Modules in a Ford Vehicle. More Info can be...
  13. LokiWolf

    2015 Headlight Assembly Options

    Are there any Aftermarket Headlights for the 2015+?
  14. LokiWolf

    Limited Slip Swap

    What rear is in these trucks? I just picked up a 2015 EL Limited for the wife. I was told it had a Limited slip, it does not. I want one, what are my options? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. LokiWolf

    How to Confirm Air Suspension on a 2015

    So, I picked up a used Certified 2015 Limited EL on Friday night for the wife. I was told it had the load leveling suspension. So far, I don't think it does. I looked for the leveling link attached the rear lower arm, and I swear it isn't there. Anybody got a picture from the rear of the...

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