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    Traded the Navigator and couldn't be happier!

    Love it @Deadman, I've had five GC's over the years and my last one (WK2) was by far the best to drive. Not as capable off road as say a ZJ, but still insanely nice. Loved the Hemi. My biggest fear is FCA's impact on quality. Just like Daimler did some good and some really bad things for...
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    Aftermarket? What aftermarket.

    I don't disagree with upgrading brakes, but good tires with the right compound can make just as much of a difference for stopping than upgraded brakes. I've upgraded brakes and even done big brakes on other vehicles I've owned, but honestly at 23k miles, I've had very few issues with brake fade...
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    Five Star Tuned 2019 EcoBoost Expedition

    Got in touch with 5Star today. They are working on a solution for what they called "turbo surge". Look forward to getting that taken care of, I'll report back when I get it applied and try things out.
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    Back Glass Shattered

    Which is why getting glass from my local dealer was roughly $600 less than Safelite, but it took almost three weeks to get the windshield, and the hastle of getting it done at the dealer. Had to leave it since they outsource it, then it ended up having to stay overnight because the glass guy...
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    Strange Engine/Turbo Behavior - Post 5Star Tune

    Thanks so much for the response, I'm both sad and glad that at least one other person has experienced this. I'll get on the horn with 5Star today and see what they say. I wish they had some printed details on their site about what each tune does. Doesn't need to be exact, but you know...
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    Strange Engine/Turbo Behavior - Post 5Star Tune

    Hi All, I Actually started talking about this issue in a different thread, in the 5Star forum, but I figured I'd post it here since it's not directly associated with the previous thread. Here's the original thread, for reference...
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    Extreme Vibration - Rear Windows Down

    sadly, I would have liked to have had that for sure. Always loved those on other vehicles.
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    Five Star Tuned 2019 EcoBoost Expedition

    I have a few questions for others regarding a 2019 tuned expy. I have a 2019 Platinum, tuned, with quite a few aftermarket parts that I did discuss with 5Star ahead of time, so supposedly the tunes took that into account. I'm not new to tuning, I've tuned many other vehicles quite...
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    Extreme Vibration - Rear Windows Down

    These don't have rear vent windows, FYI.
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    This means I have to sell it now, right?

    Darn, I was hoping I was way off. How ridiculous, $106 for a few chrome plated plastic letters. Or for cheaper, I wonder if you could buy one of these wrecked ones and just grab the letters, LOL. But really, look at the one...
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    This means I have to sell it now, right?

    the crappy thing is that you know you can't just buy an 'I'. You'll need the whole badge, which due to Covid will be $140 and 4.5 weeks to get.
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    To Sell or not to Sell...

    I would kind of have to agree at this point, the dealerships that represent Ford (even though they like to hide behind the dealerships being "independent"), they still represent the brand and its who we interact with, are getting worse by the day. I don't seem to have a decent dealership within...
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    Engine Cover Installed

    Wow, that explains it. That's more like a catch bucket!
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    Ride Height All Off After Shock Rplacement

    Not sure what could happen, the shocks really don't control ride height, only at maxes, but based on your numbers front and rear it looks like the left side is high by about 1 and 1/8". Which to me is a bit surprising since the fuel tank is on the left side, so I would expect right to maybe be...
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    Adjustable CCD Sensor Links

    Honestly I wish I could help. Surprised there is nothing in the instructions to show you, do they have a website where they might have info? Did you check the usual YouTube's? But I would normally say to put them up next to the stock ones, use a sharpie, and somehow highlight the current...
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    Rear Seat Entertainment RSE Monitor Issue

    It's crazy reading these posts about the RSE, it was the one feature I didn't get but wanted. Now I'm kinda glad I didn't, what a piece. There are several threads about issues with this system on here.
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    Engine Cover Installed

    Not sure which catch can you have, mine is designed to work just fine with the cover in place.
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    2018+ Roof Rack

    Looking forward to seeing some pics of the rack.
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    SCT tuner

    Yeah, I looked around and it doesn't look like it's possible on the bdx. It's in the 5star tunes.
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    SCT tuner

    Yes, I can. That was one of my wants, even though I doubt I will need it like my last rig.
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    Dealership matters - my cam phaser saga

    I have had some very similar issues myself. It's been incredibly frustrating. I spent 6 months fighting with Ford Corp about my turbo rattles and finally they agreed to fix them. But that experience was miserable, substantially worse than any other car company I've ever worked with. And then...
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    SCT tuner

    Hey @LokiWolf - I must say, I finally broke down and did a 5Star tune, and man is it nice. Even though I realize the adaptive learning cycle still has to do its thing, the car is amazing. So many things have changed, substantially software shifts during moderate to aggressive acceleration...
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    Update all versions of Ford Sync 3 to the latest Sync 3.4

    Nice, was curious if anyone has tried 3.4.21194. haven't undertaken it yet myself but watching for issues, saw a few folks having issues on the CL forums.
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    Phaser Recall

    That's fun, warn us of a recall and to schedule a repair for a non-available fix that might make things worse. Ugh. Was actually going to call and schedule this soon.
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    2018 Navigator getting 6th set of Cam Phasers.

    Honestly I don't think it will cause boost issues, as the pressure will keep the wastegate open most of the time. The only time the rattle should occur is when the pressure is essentially non-existent. There is basically a spring setup that is supposed to keep the gate closed when nominal...

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