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    12V Power Ports Hot?

    Check the port in the center console. I have a flashlight/charger combo plugged in mine and it shows it's charging w/ the engine off and doors locked.
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    2018 Navigator getting 6th set of Cam Phasers.

    I’m in a similar position myself. My 2019 has 22K on it and rattles like crazy on startup and got a ‘Powertrain Malfunction/ Reduced Power’ error this morning. (2nd time I got the error recently) No boost at all and felt like it was in limp mode, w/ very little power. Pulled off the...
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    How much weight are you towing with a “non” HD Expedition?

    Nothing substantial to add here but I’ll share this. 12 years ago, my father-in-law towed a camper that was rated ~9,500 lbs dry with a 1/2 ton chevy z71 during hunting season. Added to this was 4 adults, 2 full size atvs (inside the camper), hunting gear, gas and water jugs and at least 2...
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    List of expensive repairs

    Trashed my passenger side mirror backing out of the garage. (2019 Limited Stealth) Got it replaced today: $1,370. For. A. Mirror. Mirror was $1,240 and $130 for labor. Taught me to be extra judicious when pulling into or backing out of tight spots.
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    Ford field service action number 21B10

    Got the same message for my 2019 limited in the app
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    Dealer forgot to put bolts back!!

    That is disconcerting to say the least. Unless we’re talking warranty work, I’ve always favored taking my rig to a local shop where I can interact with the shop manager and techs and have some history. Too many dealers seem to hire any knucklehead with a set of tools and send them out on...
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    Park aid malfunction

    Wow, unbelievable. Tell you what..I'll personally drive down to Florida and take that POS off your hands for a remarkably low price. ;) Lincoln..pfft..not what they used to be.
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    Help me choose between Stealth and Platinum

    I've had a 2019 black limited stealth for less than a year and am loving it. One side benefit is vehicles tend to quickly pull aside when you approach from the rear.
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    Idle Hours

    Negative, I've had the auto-start/stop eliminator OBDII plug-in for months. Just a personal preference for me, it bothered me having to let off the brake for the engine to restart in anticipation of oncoming traffic. That and the a/c stopping while the engine was wife and kids were...
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    Idle Hours

    Right there with you at 21% idle time.
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    My Expedition got a twin!

    Why can’t we just let people do what they want with their money? @Deadman went into way more detail than he could have (and maybe should have) concerning his purchase and his family's livelihood. Can we not just let the man enjoy his new ride and back off a bit?
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    Utility trailer question to those w/o tow package

    I have a 6’x14’ utility trailer that I use a few times a year hauling 2,000 lbs max. Is there any benefit for setting up a trailer in the information display for those without the tow package? Reading the Ford Pro Trailer Backup brochure, the trailer blind spot system (BLIS) is interesting but...
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    Launch Control

    ^^This. Tried it a few times and it's pretty exhilarating for a big SUV. Left foot on the brake, right foot on the skinny pedal. The brakes start to let go a little below 3K.
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    Tinting an expedition with privacy glass

    The guy who tinted my windows (all around w/ 20%) told me the factory embedded window tint didn’t actually block any UV radiation. Said it was more privacy focused rather than keeping it cool.
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    Trans or Engine skip

    Odd, my 19 has 7K miles and it's been nothing but silky smooth shifting, whether under hard acceleration or normal operation.
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    Vinegar-like smell

    Give Ozium a try. It's an inexpensive aerosol that eliminates the source of the odor rather than masking it. I found it very effective on eliminating cigarette smoke from a vehicle I purchased in the past. Leaving the truck running with the A/C on high/recirculate, I fogged up the cab and...
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    No lock on gas tank door

    Goodness. Who needs a trunk monkey when you have a tank snake?! It's all fun and games until a copperhead greets you on your next fill up
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    For Sale: Like New Take Off Hankook Dynapro 285 45 R22 Tires Full Set

    Good luck homie. I put mine (same size w/ 1,200 miles) on CL locally for $300. Got one offer in six months. I'm now thinking of making a play set or obstacle course with them
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    Adding skid plates to 2018 Limited with tow package?

    Excellent write-up and thanks. I have the same skids and had the same questions about alignment and, after speaking directly to RCI, they clarified the install instructions but still I had install/hole alignment issues. I hope you send these to RCI. With the price they are charging, there is...
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    cd less and a possible work around ?

    I'll be honest, I haven't owned a portable CD player since the late 90's but can definitely help. PM me and I'd be happy to walk you through the process. There are so many variables, it's difficult to iron out in a single post.
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    Not on the Navigator?

    That joke was damn near too old for me, and I’m way older. How many Tik Tok vids did you have to watch before you got the reference? Sorry, I have a 13 yr old and that’s my frame of reference :cheers:
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    Not on the Navigator?

    At least two that I’ve heard of. The integrated wine chiller and a setting that allows the driver to fully extend his/her right pinkie finger while driving and sipping a PSL latte while simultaneously avoid a frontal collision. I’ve also read reports of Robin Leach voiceovers in place of the...
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    Pricing Question....needing someone with an insider understanding

    I had a similar experience. The dealer I purchased from offered heavily discounted prices vs other local dealers. (similarly outfitted rigs) The catch was I had to finance the difference at 5% (purchase price less my trade) through their bank. (BBVA, not Ford) I was told their lender gave...
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    1% of the 1%

    I’m getting old(er) and something I’ve come to appreciate is good discourse, regardless of the subject matter. Over the years, we’ve owned at least a dozen or more vehicles and I’ve joined many of forums just like this one for info/support. Not to overstate the obvious, the vast majority...
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    When is it time for an oil change?

    I may be in the minority around here but I’m sticking w/ the scheduled maintenance oil changes as per the manual. If my 2019 engine craps out as a result of following their specified maintenance intervals, Ford can gladly pay for a replacement. I've never had an engine in any vehicle I've ever...