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    Another Cam phaser question...

    @Jigstick. Yes, please upload the letter. I am going tomorrow for an oil change and they may apply the update.
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    Bad wheel bearing at only 30k miles!

    Did they replace them under powertrain warranty? or extended warranty?
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    Plugs and Boots Questions

    I won't use anti-seize on any low-torque bolts again (including plugs). We were working on my son's car yesterday and stripped a bolt that was supposed to be torqued to 20 ft-lb :mad:. Started it by hand and applied very little torque before the threads were busted. Now I need to try to remove...
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    The original 21B10, released in May, caused transmission shudder and they stopped it. Then they brought it back in July with an updated version that should not cause the shudder. I would say if you had it done before July, then ask the dealer to re-flash your ECU with the most recent one.
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    transmission "popping out of gear"

    The older TSB had the software update but it was removed from the last one, and now the PCM update is under the FSA 21B10. i feel that mine is heading in the same direction. I use manual shifting most of the time now to prevent the harsh shifting.
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    transmission "popping out of gear"

    Hey Aggie, how many miles do you have now? Do you think this transmission issue is related to the PCM re-flash that comes with the phaser repair??
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    Leaking Sunscreen dissolved my Center Console coating!

    That is not a problem with the sunscreen. The paint on this panel is pretty thin and weak. I accidentally scrapped the paint on this same edge while trying to clean it :mad:
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    Does your Expy burn LOTS of oil??

    2 quarts per 7k miles will probably make it pass the oil consumption test. I guess they consider up to one quart per 1k miles normal oil consumption. However, these engines are not known for high oil consumption, so there is probably something wrong. The PCV system would be the first thing to...
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    mystery transmission issue

    Since it doesn’t happen all the time, I would think it is related to the valve body or solenoids rather than mechanical damage. They should be able to check their operational parameter with the scan tool to make sure they are within specs. The condition of the fluid should also be checked.
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    That drivetrain shudder you feel? Yeah, it might be something else.

    On one very cold start this past winter, I clearly noticed a fishbite misfire when I was behind the Expy shoveling the snow. Was very clear from the exhaust sound. I immediately knew that I have at least one bad plug… at 25k miles of highways! My last car that had a fishbite misfire on cold...
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    Need advice....

    Another dealer is the way to go. Ford has troubleshooting procedures to be followed in these situation to pinpoint the issue. This could be a restricted radiator, water pump issue, or a faulty cooling fan (that’s why the fuse is blown). When a fuse blows, there is an issue that should be...
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    Cam Phaser issue scaring me from buying

    Even after almost three years of buying mine, there is no other product in the market that matches the capabilities/price. So I would purchase mine again. I think the refreshed 2022 is around the corner. I would wait for that if in no rush to buy. Or at least wait and get a good deal on a 2021.
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    '20 rattling waste gate?

    My issue is that we don’t have Ford service department that I can trust to touch the engine or transmission. They can barely do oil changes and even screw things up while doing it. Last oil change they didn’t tighten the skid plate bolts all the way. They also lost one of the bolts that attach...
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    '20 rattling waste gate?

    From what I understand, this is not wastegate rattle, rather it is wastegate “linkage” rattle. The linkage mechanism has this slop since the wastegate is not guided like intake or exhaust valves. I am not sure if this has long term effect on the turbos, but I decided to not lose sleep over it.
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    Service Ramps

    My minivan is pretty heavy but I don't notice the buckling. The wide tires of the expedition put higher weight on the ramp sides at the area right above the large cutout, which causes this buckling.
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    Service Ramps

    I have the rhino polymer ramps. I use them, but I am planning to buy metal ones in the near future. I see the sides buckling slightly when the expedition is on the ramp, which is not confidence inspiring.
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    Yes to eLSD or No to eLSD on our next Expedition

    Yes, but there are numerous posts about cam phasers, sun roofs, and transmission failures. My point is to get what fits your needs and hope for the best. Also enjoy the boost! That said, I only needed the rear locker twice in the past two years.
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    4th Gen Brakes Q&A

    No problem with using ceramic in place of metallic. The initial bite of ceramic pads when cold could be lower than metallic, but the pads recommended above have a great cold bite.
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    4th Gen Brakes Q&A

    Sure! I generally prefer to turn the rotors with fresh pads, but I also installed pads on used rotors and nothing exploded!
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    4th Gen Brakes Q&A

    I tried These pads copper-free that you recommended on my Honda Odyssey and they are AMAZING. The brake feel and stopping power are waaay better than the OEM Advics or Akebono ceramic pads that I had before. I will definitely use them in the expy when it is time for new brakes!
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    Possible Transmission Issue !! NEED HELP

    I would keep an eye on transmission temp (should be around 210) and check transmission fluid level. If both are fine, give it more sudden accelerations to force it to act up!
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    Can you hear your fuel pump prime?

    They all do it!
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    Replace AC Outlet on Rear Side of Console

    Yes, it is very easy. You just pull up the plastic frame that houses the rear cup holders. It will open a large access to reach the wires and plugs for HVAC, radio, and the AC outlet.
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    My Expedition came with Platinum Price and Pinto Quality

    Issues 7,8, and 14 would cause me to check the lemon law and contact a lawyer.
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    Transfer case, front axle, and rear diff fluid change.

    Why use a generic fluid on these sensitive components??!! It is only $100 in fluids every couple of years!