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    Ac works then dies slowly

    You should provide more detailed information. Does the a/c slowly stop cooling, or does the airflow become reduced (or both)? The system does not use Freon as a refrigerant. There may be one or more stored trouble codes for the stop-start system.
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    2022 Expy announced

    I agree with your observation about the lack of HVAC control knobs or switches. On my 2015 Expedtion Limited, the only way to access and adjust the rear HVAC controls from the front seats is to use the touch screen. It is a VERY stupid design, that requires multiple taps on the screen (up to...
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    2022 Expy announced

    I drove a Tesla Model X Signature Series while in San Francisco for my nephew’s wedding. It had the huge center screen, which was integrated very well into the dash. It was very intuitive and easy to use. I liked it a lot. The photo of the new dash screen for the Expedition looks awkward -...
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    2022 Expy announced

    Thank you for the links with the numerous photos and information. I still think the trend towards massive amounts of exterior black trim and wheels makes the vehicle look cheap and like a lower-trim model. I realize the styling trend is to paint everything black and give it a special name...
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    Extracting Broken engine studs

    Good luck - let us know the outcome.
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    Extracting Broken engine studs

    The state I live in requires that the auto repair facilities not charge more than 10% of the original repair estimate, unless approved by the customer. They must complete the repair as stated for the price quoted (with no more than 10% added, excluding tax). The law also requires that all...
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    Bad ABS module

    When you replace the ABS module, the brake fluid must be bled - and the shuttle valves in the module activated to push the fluid through the unit. This requires special dealer equipment. That is probably why the two mechanics did not want to deal with the unit. You will have to ask the dealer...
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    2019 Ford Expedition MAX VCT unit replacement

    What was the resolution?
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    Similar to the manual used by the USPS to slow and damage the mail, and packages.
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    Muffler 'hair' ?!?

    Your muffler is failing internally. The strands are sound deadening material that is dislodged and being blown out the exhaust pipe.
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    power loss and wrench icon Turning off the engine often resets the throttle body, and allows for an engine re start and normal operation. There is a good chance the issue will return (with family on the expressway?). I would have the throttle body replaced or replace it. Ford...
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    2019 Ford Expedition MAX VCT unit replacement

    Unless the battery was disconnected (erasing the stored trouble codes) - there still should be one or more stored trouble codes.
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    2019 Ford Expedition MAX VCT unit replacement

    Is the vehicle under warranty, or did you pay out-of-pocket? I would return the vehicle to the dealer and insist that it be repaired properly. There has to be one or more stored trouble codes that should point the technician (I use that term loosely) in the right direction.
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    Is there a way to mute the parking sensor when backing a trailer?

    Uhh no I didn’t read the owners manual I’d bet any magician worth his salt could make that sound disappear with the snap of his fingers............
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    Is there a way to mute the parking sensor when backing a trailer?

    Did you read your vehicle owner’s manual? On my 2015, I can temporarily disable the front or rear sensors (when they activate) by pushing a button on the steering wheel controls - based upon the DIC display message.
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    2017 Ford Expedition Electrical Problem

    Sounds like something was spilled (below the console cup holders) which caused the corrosion?
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    Wanting to get correct tan color of plastic trim.

    I don’t know the name of the color for your year - but this web site will provide the information for you: I bought some interior dye from them for my 2015 Expeddtion (“Dune”) and it matched EXACTLY.
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    ANC useless?

    My son has a 2014 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman crewcab 4x4, and I have always thought it was quieter inside than my 2015 Ford Expedition Limited 4x4 (which does not have active noise cancellation).
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    Another Cam phaser question...

    Here is a link to the updated TSB (which superseded TSB #20-2315 posted in the link above) : And a link to a special satisfaction campaign regarding the matter:
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    Rapid clicking in the fuse box please help

    If you’re not worried about losing any stored trouble codes - you could disconnect the negative battery cable for five minutes and the reconnect, to see if the system resets?
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    Rapid clicking in the fuse box please help

    After determining if the clicking relay is bad: Check to see if the brake lights are stuck on. Disconnect the aftermarket electronic braking system controller - and see if that stops the clicking.
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    Another Cam phaser question...

    If it were me - I would contact an attorney to take legal action to force Ford (and its authorized service dealer) to repair your vehicle. The will be the escalation point that gets Ford's attention - and will cost them extra for attorney fees. You should not have to beg or coerce your...
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    Plugs and Boots Questions

    Ford does not recommend anti seize compound on the spark plug threads. Modern spark plugs are manufactured with a coating on the threads, which enable easy removal from the engine head. Here is an interesting article regarding the use of anti seize compound on spark plug threads...
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    Ecoboost? Change your plugs.

    Why did you use Autolite spark plugs instead of OEM Motorcraft?