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  1. techdude99

    Auto Highbeam Sensitivity Setting

    I searched and didn't see an answer for my '19 Expedition Max. I'm on Sync 3.4 v21098 and trying to find a FORscan setting to adjust the highbeam sensor. It activates the high lights too early and I'd like to set it to activate the lights when it's extremely dark. Thank you.
  2. techdude99

    3rd Row Seat Pop on Platinum Max

    This evening I went to put down the 3rd row seats and noticed the driver's side is making a loud 'pop' when it's 90% of the way down. When I reverse the process, it goes back up fine. It sounds like something plastic is binding near the motor and releasing on the way down. After watching it for...
  3. techdude99

    2nd Row Pilot Chair Gap Cargo Safety Issue

    What are some tasteful solutions to fill the 2nd row gap? When I put down my third row to load up cargo, I don't want anything moving between the 2nd row pilot seats if I need to make a sudden stop. Thank you.