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  1. Clemson82

    Flushed Radiator on '14, Now Head Gasket Seems To Be Leaking

    I had similar symptoms back in March on our 2014 Limited, at 99k miles. Smelled coolant, random drips here and there, but no overheating. Took it to Goodyear and the guy guessed (correctly) what the problem was before they even looked at it. He said they use cheap plastic on some of the hose...
  2. Clemson82

    Another Round of Guess the Damage $$$

    $2,994 for the labor.
  3. Clemson82

    Another Round of Guess the Damage $$$

    It's back! 67 days later, at a cost of $10,600. Everything seems as it far. The correct Expedition badge for the rear should say "limited", but they're on back-order, so XLT it is!
  4. Clemson82

    Extreme Service Delays

    Sorry, I must have misread something...What part of Ford's incompetence here is related to Covid?
  5. Clemson82

    Cost to R&R oils

    I have a 2014 but I would guess the prices are the same? Had my transmission drain and fill done for $210 and Rear diff done for $116. Coolant flush was $109. All done at Goodyear - No issues. I expected to have to tell them not to flush the trans (based on what I learned on this forum)...
  6. Clemson82

    2000 Expedition Rehab or not?

    My 2014 is at the body shop (rear ended) and they (and Geico) can't find the parts needed to repair it. Geico said it's supply chain issues due to Covid, body shop said they regularly have problems getting parts from Ford. It's been 38 days. I don't know what (or who) exactly is the problem...
  7. Clemson82

    2000 Expedition Rehab or not?

    I think this is a valid question given the price of used vehicles, as you pointed out. My concern would be getting parts for it. I can't even get parts for my 2014. Interestingly, all these people on You Tube are able to fix up cars from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and can get any parts they want...
  8. Clemson82

    Another Round of Guess the Damage $$$

    Update - Damage is over $10k now. Truck is still in the shop, they can't find parts. No ETA. Ford can't even give them a date as to when the parts will be available.
  9. Clemson82

    Another Round of Guess the Damage $$$

    And the answer is.... It's being repaired! The adjuster cam out this morning and the initial damage estimate is 8k, but they said it will likely go up once it gets to the shop. No frame damage and nothing engine / transmission related (at first glance anyway). To answer the question above...
  10. Clemson82

    Another Round of Guess the Damage $$$

    Was rear-ended and pushed into two other vehicles. What do you think the repair cost will be? 2014 Limited, 99,000 miles - Hood doesn't open - Passenger door doesn't open - Drivers door opens partially (with loud popping noise) - Drives, but steering wheel points one way, wheels point the...
  11. Clemson82

    Where's the hidden lake?

    I've had this happen on our 2014. It was water in the door. There is a little black rectangular plug on the bottom of the rear door. I used a small screwdriver to carefully remove it, and the water poured out. Problem solved. I'm not sure how the water got in there, but it hasn't happened...
  12. Clemson82

    AC issue...

    I also had to replace the blower motor switch. I bought this part on Amazon, and replaced it using a video on you tube and info on this website. Took 20 mins, and I have almost zero mechanical ability. You may have to also replace the wiring harness, but I haven't had to...yet...
  13. Clemson82

    2013 Expedition EL XLT - OEM camera in tailgate but no screen

    I'm sure it's possible. I replaced the standard OEM CD player with an OEM DVD / Nav screen. Now, when I put the vehicle in reverse, the screen changes to a blank screen (I think it says "check surroundings" or something, I'm not sure) but the video still shows only in the rear view mirror. I...
  14. Clemson82

    2013 Expedition EL XLT - OEM camera in tailgate but no screen

    Did you check the rear view mirror? Our 2014 displays the backup camera image in the rear view mirror, and it's OEM. When the camera is off, you can't even tell that there is a display there.
  15. Clemson82

    Anyone raced other SUVs, cars or trucks?

    I'm pretty sure based on the 11 MPG my wife gets that she's racing ours when I'm not around.
  16. Clemson82

    Towing with 13-14 Limited or King Ranch

    I don't know if all limited trims have the tow package. Mine does, and the easiest way to tell is is the trailer break controller buttons in the console, and the 7 pin wiring harness. It also states in the manual that it includes the aux. trans cooler and radiator upgrade. I'm surprised you...
  17. Clemson82

    Towing with 13-14 Limited or King Ranch

    My 2014 owners manual includes this:
  18. Clemson82

    Stupid deer...

    Glad everyone's OK. Did you kill it? Do you get to keep the meat in Maryland? Just looking a positive angle. Not a bad time to have a freezer full of meet...
  19. Clemson82

    Ford partners with General Electric (ventilators)

    Plus those ventilators will now have that "new car smell". All kidding aside, this is great news.
  20. Clemson82

    What was best year of 5.4?

    My vote is also for the 2014. Not just because I own one, but because it was the last year of the V8.
  21. Clemson82

    Ford suspends US manufacturing

    E-mail from local dealer today states: "I am selling select new F-150’s at $20,020* off MSRP through March 31st, 2020. This is unprecedented in the industry and we have never considered doing this before! This is the largest discount (rebates included) ever given on a F-150! In addition to...
  22. Clemson82

    New Expedition Cold Start Sound

    If you can describe the sound in more detail, or possibly post a video, you'll get more responses on here.
  23. Clemson82

    Power Fold mirrors -- how do they work?

    My power-fold mirrors work without the key in the ignition. (2014)
  24. Clemson82

    Ford Boosts Production of Expedition!