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  1. joethefordguy

    door jamb sticker codes

    this is the sticker on my door jamb: does anyone have a credible source for the transmission code? (W) please don't just tell me what the trans is, I'm looking for a credible source for the codes. thanks jg PS yes, i have searched, the internet in general and this forum specifically. OBTW...
  2. joethefordguy

    dual in, single out? (04 4x4 SSV 5.4L 2V)

    looking for input regarding an exhaust setup for my 2004 SSV 4x4 XLT Expedition with the 5.4L 2V. I have a tuner on it already, and I have the FORSCAN adapter and SW but I've yet to use it. I'm running the 87 octane tune on it - it is barely better than the OEM police tune it had, and mileage is...
  3. joethefordguy

    power block

    I'd like to build an isolated power system, with an isolated battery, and a power block for wiring accessories; including some kind of automatic switching that charges both batteries but keeps the battery used for starting from being drained. anybody done anything like this?
  4. joethefordguy

    catch can benefit

    apparently i asked this in the wrong place and I offended the generation police nazis. what is the effect of a catch can on longevity? how many miles more will my engine last? does it help the motor last twice as long, or what? has anyone done any real world checking? looking for a metric, not...
  5. joethefordguy

    not a recovery point

    I'm always amazed when somebody thinks a bumper is good place to attach a recovery strap.
  6. joethefordguy

    proper towing, by experts

    part two should have included the trailer. IMO.
  7. joethefordguy

    ford spark plugs

    here are the famous two piece spark plugs.
  8. joethefordguy

    FINALLY!!! K&N dyno sheet

    I have been asking this question literally since the dawn of time. Really. I was there at the big bang and the first thing that popped in my head was "Are CAI claims real, or ********?" after all that time, K&N came across. so the answer is yes...
  9. joethefordguy

    2nd gen throttle body

    what is the size, or capacity, of the OEM throttle body on the 04 5.4L 2V? I'm amazed that I cannot find that anywhere.
  10. joethefordguy

    police interceptor air intake

    I've read elsewhere that the Ford Police Interceptor engine horsepower increase is mostly from opening up the air intake. can anyone comment, verify, etc.?
  11. joethefordguy

    what trans?

    what transmissions did Ford put into the 2004 Expy police package with 4x4 and tow package? I know the 4RW70 was used, any others?
  12. joethefordguy

    custom program

    Looking for a tuner person to write a custom program for a 2004 Expedition 4x4 5.4L SSV. I'm in Central Texas.
  13. joethefordguy

    2004 XLT OEM Wheels (repost)

    4 OEM alloys for a 2004 XLT 4x4, 17x7.5 wheels, including the hub covers. Central Texas. make offer
  14. joethefordguy

    Rock Sliders

    apparently there are no rock sliders available for the 2nd Generation. FWIW, Amazon offers what it calls "rock sliders" but when you read their ad, it turns out their 'sliders' are rated at 300 pounds. Obviously, they are unclear on the concept. anyway, does anyone know of a fabricator in...
  15. joethefordguy

    how to move a thread

    I've asked the admins, but they haven't answered. I want to move a thread from one forum to another. how can I do this? thanks for your time. jg
  16. joethefordguy

    SCT Tuner review

    I just got my new tuner installed! Hoo ah! First, let me say I am grateful i had it installed at the store. Despite their assurances that would not be a problem, they clearly did not expect me to have them do it for me. In all fairness, it is ridiculously easy once you know the secrets.. Turns...
  17. joethefordguy

    Ground Clearance

    correct me if I'm wrong, please. It seems to me that ground clearance, as measured at the differentials, is a forbidden subject on this forum. almost no one mentions it, except to misuse it as body height or some such. this forum is not the only one. I was watching a show about improving the...
  18. joethefordguy

    tuner vs FORScan

    other than changing engine tunes, will a tuner do anything else FORScan cannot do?
  19. joethefordguy

    OEM wheels

    I have 4 2004 XLT alloys with the TPMS for sale, located in San Antonio, TX. 17"x7.5" 6x135 bolt pattern make an offer.
  20. joethefordguy

    built right industries

    they don't post relevant dimensions for any of their mounts on their web site. when I asked them for a measurement, this is the answer I got: From: BuiltRight Industries Support <[email protected]> Sent: Friday, August 21, 2020 7:39 AM To: *** Subject: Re: Form Submission - Contact Us...
  21. joethefordguy

    ipad tuning software

    Yes, I know there's a 5star Tuning forum. they don't watch it, so I'm not using it. last post was 2019. screw that. does anyone know of a tuner that uses an ipad as the screen? thanks jg
  22. joethefordguy

    aux fuel tank

    I didn't know where else to put this. i want to put an aux fuel tank in the spare tire location of a 2004 4x4 Expy. does anyone know the available dimensions for that location? I'm physically disabled, so measuring it myself is difficult. your help is appreciated. thanks jg
  23. joethefordguy

    cross bar

    I'm looking for a crossbar for a 2004 Expy roof rack. The former owners (Fire Department) took one of them off, apparently to make room for antennas. I may have posted this already, but I'm darned if I can find it now. thanks jg
  24. joethefordguy

    tire jack tools

    I need the plastic carrier for the scissors jack, and the metal wheel chock that fits in it, for a 2004 Expedition. It has to be in good shape - mine's broken; the clips for the tools are broken off.
  25. joethefordguy

    34" tall tire

    can anyone recommend a 34" tall tire on a 17" wheel for a 2004 Expedition?