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  1. DWs-TTEB

    4th Gen Brakes Q&A

    One thing I noted while removing the factory pads/rotors, is that the rear pads were 3 times as worn as the front pads (35K miles on them). Also, learning the fun way that you need to put the Expy into "Parking Brake Maintenance Mode" prior to resetting the rear calibers. Broke the pads in...
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    2021 Expy Options & News
  3. DWs-TTEB

    Stock tow hook covers on the 2020s

    I noticed there are tow hook covers on the 2020s. Saw them on two 2020s on the lot the other day. Thoughts?
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    Check it out:
  5. DWs-TTEB

    Cold start rattle in the turbo

    I have a slight rattle coming from the driver side turbo on cold starts. I’m thinking it is the waste-gate flapper valve in the exhaust pipe flapping like the guy says in the video in the link. Think I should live with it or use the warranty? I’ll post a video of my Expedition doing it and...