03 Ford Expy - PCV - Isn't it always? Lean Banks - Shop Lied about repair....

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    I pulled the p0074 codes for lean bank one and two. Going through the list of possibilities, I changed my air filter, didn't clean the maf filter yet, changed the pcv valve to a motorcraft, and attempted to check for vacuum leaks. I found two cracked boots - the one at the pcv valve, and the straight one that does straight off the Y connector. I see the one at the back of the engine, but I can't reach it, plus, I'm sure I don't have the right part.

    TLDR: I need the correct PCV hose assembley for a 2003 Ford Expedition 5.4 Eddie Bauer. The one that has 5 or so hoses coming off of it to aid in troubleshooting lean banks 1 and 2, and poor gas mileage.

    I replaced the elbow at the pcv with the heated elbow that came with the motorcraft pcv, and attached fuel line to each end to make a good connection. I replaced the straight one with another piece of fuel line. The gas mileage increased, but the codes stayed.

    We were leaving to go out of town, so I went to the repair place so that they could do the job like a professional...not my hack job. I did what I could do for the time being...I was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks before and went through surgery the week before I took it in. For the cancer, I was going to need radiation, which started the following week, so there was really no way I could handle the repair on my own at that point in time.

    SOOOO...I took it in and asked for the "PCV hose assembly" to be replaced. I specifically stated that it was the one "like an octopus, with something like 5 hoses coming off of it". I also noted that I attempted repair, and it didn't stop the codes, the numbers of which I gave them.

    When I got the bill, I was charged for diagnostics, which I didn't ask for, and $230 for the PCV hose repair I asked for. The gas mileage increased again - a long road trip and I got about 15-18. Better than my hack job!

    When we got home, I checked under the hood to see what they did. Most was hidden under the engine cover. When I took it off, amazement!! I see my rig. Its like they didn't touch it.

    I went to the repair place, and flatly asked. They said the diagnostics code pull is required...(BS) and that they determined my setup / rig, was working, so they charged me for a bottle of epoxy, and glued it all together. I repeated what I asked for. I was told that that setup, since its heated, costs "like $400" and I would not want that, because it "would be too expensive with labor and all."

    Whatever. I'm sick and I don't want to argue. This is deceptive, and cheating, but still. I just left.

    So I go to look at the hoses again...I know its glued so I have more fuel like to put in....I take it off the pcv valve, and there is no glue. None. They lied through their teeth so many times!!

    I am through treatment, and in remission I have scans next month to make sure the cancer hasn't returned.

    I want to repair this freakin setup!! I need the correct PCV hose assembly for a 2003 Ford Expedition 5.4 Eddie Bauer. The one that has 5 or so hoses coming off of it to aid in troubleshooting lean banks 1 and 2, and poor gas mileage. Bonus points if someone can tell me the proper use of the hard plastic elbow that comes with the heated pcv valve!! And I will clean the MAF, but I'm scared I'll damage it. I'll do it though!!
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