2000 Expedition Overhead Console Wiring


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Jul 31, 2020
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Rocklin CA
Hi guys, I'm restoring a 2000 Expedition 5.4L Eddie Bauer and the overhead console switches for the Map Lights broke. I'm installing LED's in the lamp spaces with micro toggle switches for lamp control. The problem is that in so doing, I lost the "recipe" for the wiring since the copper circuit that's glued around the lamp reflectors was horribly messed up too, so I have to direct wire to pass it.
There are several wires in this circuit, some seem superfluous because after all, we're simply breaking or connecting power to an LED, but there are 5 wires that come out of the connector. A center power black wire, then the 4 other wires are grouped together in two's.
The green wires are the same electrically, and the blue with white stripe wires are the same electrically.
when I removed the broken switches, I tried to be careful and sure how the connections go, but I'm stumped at why so many wires are in the circuit by Ford.
I also lost power to the lights on the console at re-install, but the mileage gauge stays working in the console. What's weird is the windows and running lights/sideboard/interior lights have no power either.
I've pulled and checked all fuses in the cabin, but these gremlins won't let up?

Any help is appreciated.