2000 Expo engine mount replacement


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Aug 14, 2022
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Houston, Texas
Hey y'all!

I recently had a nonrunning 2000 Expedition 4.6 XLT RWD with 188k miles that had been sitting for three years passed down to me. Came with a stack of maintenance receipts. This truck was well taken care of, it has a ton of life left in it, and id like to make it dead reliable. The truck could really use some TLC. I'm good with tools and have a pretty good arsenal of tools to do basic maintenance. I just replaced the fuel pump/fuel filter with OEM Motorcraft parts, thoroughly cleaned and dried the gas tank, and got it running over about ten hours total worth of work.

Drove it about 40 miles today and noticed a shaking rattle that is prominent at idle and acceleration from a stop. The idle is often accompanied by an exhaust rattle that can be heard as far back as the third-row passenger window. To me, this points to motor/transmission mounts. Rock Auto has the replacement mount set for $35 but I cannot find a tutorial or video to show the job being completed. I know there is a Haynes Manual that I may purchase but does anyone have a tutorial or video on this job being completed? I find that often times these real-life examples are accompanied by advice on quirks that may be seen along the way.

Thank you!