2002 Expedition Drivers Window Fell Off it's Cradles

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Apr 4, 2015
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north carolina
During the last winter, with frost on the glass - I tried to lower the drivers window. Bad idea. The glass separated from the two metal cradles inside the door. I nursed it for some time and finally the glass fell to the bottom of the door. So, everything on the door has been stripped. I removed the two metal cradles that the glass would have sat in, cleaned them up. And, removed what appeared to be silicone that held the glass to the cradles. Using silicone again, I applied some silicone into the cradle valley, and because the cradles have an oblong hole , I guess for adjustment, I did not torque down the bolts to the cradles. I left them somewhat loose so that they would align themselves on the slide rail. I set the glass back into the cradles, raised the glass, waited until the next morning for the silicone to dry and found that raising the glass was no problem, however, coming down half way, one side of the glass separates from its cradle. I've done this twice now - and the same thing happens.

Is there a special adhesive that is used to secure the glass to these cradles?? Is there something I should look for on the side rails. I do not think the glass is binding coming down. It is more like it could be changing angles and causing pressure on that cradle.

Is there something of an adjustment I should look for??

Anyone have any ideas. Thanks