Basic Applink compatibility with Android phones

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    I am curious to know if other people are having the same issue with newer phones and Basic Applink compatibility. My 2016 Expedition with sync3 before the update to version 3 was able to access Glympse as a mobile app in Sync. Since the update, I can't access Glympse, Spotify and maybe others that I have not tried that used to work. I tested the problem with my son's outdated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it worked just fine, but when trying to use my year old Note 8, it doesn't work.
    I did some checking on Ford's website and found that there are no recent Verizon phones that have "Basic Applink" capability, only "Enhanced Applink" capability. The Note 4 has basic and it works, the Note 8 has only Enhanced and doesn't work. It does work for the Pandora and FordPass apps, but so far they are the only ones. Waze does not work with Applink either but it does work with Android Auto.
    Has anyone else had this problem, and if so have you found a way to make it work? If anyone has gotten Glympse to work with a Note 8 on Verizon, I'd just like to know. The car only has 21K miles on it and it and almost another year on the warranty so if it works for some people but not for me, maybe I have a problem with my hardware.


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