Battery Drain and Incorrect Notifications

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Cole Sonett, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Hey guys, Just found this forum today and hoping to get some help.

    So a about a month ago my 2007 Expedition started dying, and the time between the battery going completely dead got smaller and smaller until every time I started the car I would have to jump it.

    At the time I had a broken rear wiper that was draining the battery, so I removed the fuse (#19) and that help for a few days. I thought I solved the problem...

    Now the car never goes complete dead, but leaving it sitting for 40 min would drain the battery to the point where the car wont start. However all the lights work when I put the key in, the car just wont start unless with a jump.

    The other weird thing is that It keeps telling me I have zero miles to empty (which after the battery charges little usually goes back to normal) and that the Air suspension is off. I know for a fact that the air suspension is NOT off, and I dont know why it would tell me that.

    Miles: 198,000

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Welcome to the site,

    Anyways how about you start and the basics, start at the negative battery terminal, make sure its tight and corrosion free, follow the negative lead to where it ends and check to make sure all the main grounds are connected to the body as they should.

    After that your next suspect would be something that is run by a fuse that's always hot.

    There are a few threads regarding this topic, either search for them or read up on the sticky threads in the electrical section (sticky threads are pinned to the top of the electrical section)

    Also do you have any aftermarket electronics installed? Remote start, alarm, subs, stereo, DVD player, lights, etc... 99% of the time one of those is the cause as it seems most common on this site... if it's purely stock then follow the step by step instructions on the sticky threads.

    Here's the link to the thread you need to be reading up on:

    Good luck bud
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