Bilstein 5100 3rd Gen question

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Dec 9, 2019
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East Texas
I have a 2015 Limited. 130k miles. 2WD. Stock. Non-CCD.
I'm having a hard time finding a definite answer specific to my model year.
I have bought, but not yet installed Bilstein 5100s for front (24-285056) and rear (24-285063).
I am away from the vehicle, but want to be sure I have everything I need for the install once I'm back home.
Can I reuse the spring perches? Or are they welded to the factory shock?
I'm reading that the years of production do make a difference, but I'm reading different years listed.
For those that have done this install..... what height setting did you put the Bilsteins on?
Did you reuse the shock mount, or purchase replacements?
Any regrets?
Any advice?


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Jan 21, 2019
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I have a 2016 Platinum, standard length. If yours is standard length, the rear spring perch is reuseable. I think only on the EL is the rear perch fixed.

As far as height, you are limited to 1 inch up front and 1.6 in the rear. Mine was set to 1.3 or so from what I remember. It still had a small forward rake, which i prefer. I did not want the reverse rake look (nose up).

I ran it that way for a year, but then had it reset to stock. I found the ride too harsh. Part of that was tires,but not all. It looked great, but I also found the front end felt lighter at hiway speed and I had a small squeak from the back end over driveway curbs. At stock height it is still harsher over small bumps than OEM, but it does handle better. Not sure if I wll stick with them when they need replacing or go back to OEM.

This is just my experience.


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Sep 4, 2023
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Toronto Ontario
Hello I am looking at the Bilsteins
Bilstein Canada website (Essex in BC) has my EXPY MAX 2012 listing only B 4600 shocks front and rear.
I am looking at the 5100 for the rear to get a little adjustment as I am 1" lower in the rear currently empty and the trailer tongue weight
puts more front up/rear down rake. My hitch is a 5" drop so I can't see how I can use a WDH to balance the loading, no room under there.

Can someone please provide the B 5100 p/n for front and rear please?
2012 Expedition MAX