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Correct way to start a Thread to get what you need

Discussion in 'Site Comments & Feedback' started by Yupster Dog, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. Yupster Dog

    Yupster Dog Full Access Members

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    Dec 7, 2018
    First make sure you are in the correct section that you want your thread to be in. This is very important to reach the people who know about that section and watch that section and will be the best to help you with your problem. If you are not sure go with your vehicles generation section cant go wrong there.
    Second, name of the thread is important. Put year vehicle and what is wrong or what you are asking about. here are some examples,

    07 door ajar light stays on
    05 sparkplug changing
    14 towing upgrade
    02 no defrost heat
    06 audio upgrade
    16 tow mirror suggestions

    what not to name your thread

    I need help
    something is wrong
    does this happen to you
    what brand do you use
    how do I change this

    The correct title will entice someone who knows about your inquiry/problem to click on your thread and read and eventually post some help/information for you. Also this info is not just for you it will help anyone looking up the same thing on the internet. browser search engines pick up your thread so many others can benefit your proper posting etiquette. So be sure to tag properly

    In the first post describe the problem, any and all symptoms codes ect, any diagnosis you have already done. (because someone will ask and you will be writing it anyway) Pictures and/or video are a very helpful. Also any test you have done and the results of the testing go a long way into a quick resolution for you.
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  2. MrSticker

    MrSticker Full Access Members

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    May 4, 2016
    Western New York
    another good idea is to search this forum for existing threads & posts that have the answer to your problem. a whole crapload of issues have been addressed here already

    searching can be tricky to know what verbage to put in the search box
    i don't know what the "rules" are but it seems to be case dependent (capital or lowercase)
    searching is kind of an acquired skill, you learn what works

    correct terminology is good (electric window vs window regulator)
    do some homework searching and find the right and wrong terms
    posts may be under the wrong terminology as well as right

    and also realize ... it's an online forum - a lot of problems require in person diagnosis
    i've seen posts where people essentially say "it's broke, how do i fix it" & not much more

    and if someone answers your request for help, don't hammer on them
    sometimes their answer is not meant for you
    its meant for the 1000's of other people who may end up reading it

    and resist the urge to be rude and uncooperative, it's possible you don't know everything
    you may not even understand the response you got, hard as that is to believe

    and if you don't like someone's new thread with a question about Expy's
    just move on like a mature adult ... nobody is forcing you to read or respond

    and keep in mind ... there are a lot of opinions on here
    not hard and fast indisputable factual determinations ---> OPINIONS
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