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Do cleaning and detailing easily with Rixxu Detail Products + Video

Discussion in 'CARiD.com' started by carid, Mar 18, 2020.

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    Road dirt and dust, smudges, rains, and bird droppings can make even a new car look like a dirty old, neglected vehicle. Sure, a car wash and professional detailing is a great solution, but there is another way how you can easily do all the work by yourself.

    Spend some time with your pride and joy, and bring back its showroom look with the new line of Rixxu detailing products, now available at CARiD. This line includes 3 must-have products to finish it like a pro - Spray and Wipe Wax, Speed Detailer, and Revive and Shine. These innovative tools will help you to save time and money by preserving your vehicle's appearance.

    Watch a new video review from our tech expert Greg to find out more and see them in action.

    View the complete selection of Rixxu Products for Ford Expedition here https://www.carid.com/rixxu/

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