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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Explodedition, Dec 29, 2019.

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    Well that title will probably scare everyone away. My 03 has a long list of electrical issues but the only one that is a major inconvenience is when I shut the vehicle off the parking lights, rear taillights, NOT the brake lights, and interior lights stay on. Not the dome light but the dash lights and all the other little lights.
    Fuse #6 is good when pulled the lights shut off. I couldn't pinpoint exactly which relay I need so I pulled them all and nothing happened the lights stayed on.
    I also disconnected the headlight switch, dimmer roller switch and the turn signals but the lights stayed on. The only thing that shuts them off is disconnecting the battery or pulling the #6 fuse.
    FWIW door locks don't work, only passenger side window rolls down, side mirror adjustment doesn't work, rear seats don't fold one is stuck down and one is up. The rear vent windows DO still work. The sunroof I haven't tried for years since my son jumped on the top of the car and bent the track and I sealed it up with commercial grade sealant to stop leaks. Everything else works. I'm not really worried about anything except the lights, like I said it's too much of an inconvenience.
    Also, a few years ago the fuel pump relay burnt out and smoked the circuit within the fuse box so that was replaced with a used one then about a year later the same relay burnt out but this time I was able to solder a new one in it's place and it's still working. Thank God that was a $12 relay compared to a $200 fuse box.
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me.
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    Electric doesn't scare me unless the voltage is north of 220v, then it has my undivided attention.

    Pull fuse 21 in the central junction box and see if the lights go out.

    Can you read & understand wiring diagrams?
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    I think I've been bit by every flavor of 'tricity over the last 50 years. The two most memorable are 1) 440 triple phase (discharging a 440 AC -> 28VDC rectifier capacitor bank...with the power on, and 2) 120AC 400Hz (exquisite in the extreme).

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