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    Nah, it didn't go wrong we just learn more things. Now people reading this thread will be aware that fuel pumps will probably last longer if you keep gas in your tank and not run them low because they are cooled by the fuel AND that you can drive these cars all the way until 0 miles to empty without running out. I assume there are many people out there that actually believe you could run out before it hits zero or as soon as it hits 0 it's going to stall like in 5 seconds.
    I've driven cars 20 or 30 miles after the indicator says 0 miles till empty. You have to realize that sometimes is more accurate than others. And sometimes you have more distance than it says. If you have been driving all around town for the past few days and you're down to 10 miles to empty then you might only make it 14 or 15 around town but if you get on the highway your mileage goes up considerably and it doesn't have time to compensate so you could very well go 30-plus. I do all this in my head every time it gets low and you become a pro at it. I have only run a car out of fuel with a distance to empty indicator once in my life. I have run two other vehicles maybe three out of gas but those only had a fuel gauge and not a digital distance to empty.
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    Sorry to bring up an old thread but I would ask a tech about the whole running out of fuel thing...
    The in tank pump is one thing but modern direct injection fuel systems are very different than nonDI and can run at 2,000psi plus so there is another high pressure pump further up the food chain that I can assure you does not like running out of fuel. I apologise for not having more direct knowledge about the EBoost but on VAG cars it is powered by the cam shaft.

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