Enjoy trouble-free driving with Arnott Air to Coil Conversion Kit on!

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    Arnott is a global leader in aftermarket air suspension products. They provide reliable and effective repair or replacement solutions for failing air suspension systems, aimed to save your time and money. One of them is Arnott exclusive Air to Coil Conversion Kit.

    Designed to replace the air springs in your Ford Expedition and allows you to forget about the expensive maintenance and problems of the factory air suspension system. Coil springs and shock absorbers are designed specifically for your make and model and require no serious modifications.

    ArnottĀ® - Air to Coil Spring Conversion Kit




    - Set coil springs and shock absorbers designed to bolt directly in place of existing air springs with no modifications necessary to your vehicle
    - Eliminate the worry of failing air suspension parts which can leave you stranded with extremely costly repair bills
    - Black powder coat provides a durable finish that is resistant to chips, corrosion, and paint flaking
    - Coil springs feature a variable spring rate that provides a softer, more comfortable ride that progresses to a firmer ride during aggressive driving or when vehicle load increases
    - The kit also includes a pair of OE equivalent replacement shocks
    - Conversion kit does not come with any provisions to bypass and disable suspension warning lights once original equipment is removed


    Convert your Ford Expedition's suspension system with Arnott Air to Coil Spring Conversion Kit!​

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