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    Nov 30, 2014
    FWIW: I installed a R.O. system which lowers pressures substantially on top of my well water pressures and I'm enjoying delicious water from a well that tastes so bad that I buy bottled water!

    I measured my output pressure and it varies but it's around 15-18psi. I bought a Permeate pump and will see if that helps. My IM fills a 12 oz glass to the brim in 19-20 seconds now so hopefully, the pump which uses wastes water to "power" it, will improve it a bit but it's not apparently lower than anyone elses IM I've used.

    Mounted this $135 replica (Olympic on Amazon)of the 350 dollar RO uses identical RO membrane and my other filters are longer yet same price. I set it on a shelf in my walk-in closet that houses an unused Guy Grey box for a washer/dryer on the same wall my fridge backs to. Ran the supply, drain and ran through the wall with a sleeve and chrome escutcheon.


    RO system installed.jpg
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    Ive been in the hvac/refrigeration business for a long time and the new appliances don't last like the old ones do. Best part is that the refrigeration components usually don't fail but the electronics do very often. If you buy a new fridge BUY THE LONGEST WARRANTY THEY OFFER! The electronics can be difficult to troubleshoot and most are pretty expensive.

    Keep the Amana in the basement/garage/shed or trunk of the expedition because with a new fridge I'll promise you need a backup sooner than later.
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