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FS: Viper DS4+ Remote Start $100+shipping

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Aspen03, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. Aspen03

    Aspen03 Full Access Members

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    Apr 24, 2019
    I ended up slapping in a Compustar with extra long range 2 way remotes and won't be using this system so figured I'd toss it up here before it goes to ebay.

    Its new, never been installed, only opened the box to verify contents. It will have 1 single button remote that will start, and unlock the vehicle. The system is 2 way capable and supports multi key remotes if you want the option for independent lock/unlock/rear glass and be able to leave your factory fob at home, just need to purchase whatever remote you desire. Easy to program w a button push on the antenna.

    It will come with the hardwire/high current harness and I have a ford FO1 T-harness here if it will work for your application. Mostly the tharness I have is for 2nd and 3rd gen expy, but not every single configuration. Later years smart key is required to use tharness where standard key is hardwired 1st gen are analog install and quite involved w no instruction and not recommended unless you know your stuff. 4th Gen are compatible but require the F02 harness.

    This will fit literally hundreds of different vehicles. Let me know the application and I can check support. Some manufacturers require a vehicle specific harness which are usually $30 or so online. I can flash the necessary firmware required before sending it out and have a wiring guide printed for it. In most, if not all instances two, as in 2 physical keys are REQUIRED for programming once installed being you won't have access to the Key2Go application or programming tool. They must be real "master" keys. Valet keys or a restricted MyKey won't work unless you set them back to normal.

    This isn't extremely difficult to install but not for the novice as you'll be disassembling areas of the lower dash, steering column shroud, door sill, etc to get at the connections you need. You need a quality meter and ability to properly identify wires you're connecting to or you'll end up with a non working system, a vehicle that won't start, or worse cause damage you can't fix and cost you a fortune to repair.
  2. Johnnie Parker

    Johnnie Parker Supporting Member Supporting Member

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    Apr 24, 2018
    San Antonio
    Still available for a 2010 Expy limited?

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