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Hello from across the pond

Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by UKDeano, Sep 15, 2020 at 4:49 AM.

  1. UKDeano

    UKDeano New Member

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    London, England
    Hello all I’m dean I live in London, England and have a 98 Eddie Bauer 5.4 4x4 know to me as the ‘monster project’ as it needs a fair amount of work now.
    It’s the 1st step for me into American vehicles and it had to be a Ford having had a run of baby European Fords in my driving history.
    Currently there are some rust issues common to the 1st gens but the biggest issue I now have is the head gasket has gone so I am taking the opportunity to do a PI swap whilst apart. But there are much bigger plans in the pipeline way down the road

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