In car Wi-Fi run time.

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Sep 9, 2019
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Franklin, TN
Hello all,

I'm not finding much information on this and that may be simply because it hasn't been available long enough for the tech guys to figure it out. But, my issue is with the timeout of the WiFi when the vehicle is turned off. I've been able to extend the stereo play time through Forscan up to 60 minutes with the ignition off. Longer is possible with some simple mods but I'd like to keep it to software enabled as much as possible before going the hardware mod rout. But as far as the WiFi hot spot goes, I cannot find a Forscan code to enable longer hot spot run time. The system has features that stay on all the time, maintain connectivity 24/7 so that the FordPass system can work. so there must be a way to have the WiFi work as well. This is a relatively low power consumption system so I'm not worried about battery usage.

Anyone have any ideas?