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    Apr 16, 2018
    Here's an easy mod good for at least 5hp. I ordered and installed "ecoBEAST" badges on both front doors in the same location as the F150 ecoboost badges. They look oem and unless you get close enough to read them you'd never know any better. I also added a "3.5L TWIN TURBO" emblem with red letters on a chrome surround underneath the ecoboost emblem on the rear liftgate. I wanted a tasteful oem way of advertising my forced induction that was acceptable to the wife who daily drives this rig.

    I've noticed fewer ricers whipping out to pass me on back country double yellow roads since adding the rear badge. Maybe it's just me, or maybe the thought of a 6500 pound vehicle capable of a 6.5second run to 60 tempers their inadequacy of adding vtec stickers and a fart cannon to a Honda civic. Bwahahahaha. :)

    (full disclosure, this mod only adds hp to your ego, not your vehicle. That's what a tune is for....)
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    Bahaha I enjoyed the read. These trucks get up and go, I’ve left plenty of sedans and crossovers in the dust when I put my foot down. The SWB 07-14 were rated as low as 7.5 seconds to 8 depending the options (weight) so we aren’t far behind. Great trucks. BTW no more door badges for ecoboost trucks, they only do door badges for PowerStroke ones now. Still nice nonetheless.
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