Just got 2020 Limited Max 303A with HD Tow

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Oct 3, 2021
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Been lurking for a year, finally found my gem; on to participation! I bought it 800 miles away so I definitely got to experience it right after I signed the papers. So far it's everything and more I hoped it would be. It had 33K on the clock, already had window tint, weathertech mats, and grapplers. All things I would have done so that worked out. I've picked up the Forscan windows and android app, made my fmods USB sticks, a ZFG tuning package, a Dometic console fridge, NGK Ruthenium plugs, Bulletpoint phone mount system, puddle light upgrades, 10 year 125K ESP, and Valveo drain plug.

The main thing in the interior I plan is upgrade the sound system. This thing is a lot more complicated than the last audio system I installed 15 years ago! Sound system isn't bad, but it doesn't make the hair on your neck stand up and you can't feel it in your chest so it needs a little help.

Here are the list of things I've compiled as upgrades - not sure which is the best order. We have E85 everywhere here so I'd definitely like to upgrade the fuel pump and run some kind of E85 like @LokiWolf . Any thoughts on what is the best bang for the buck order?

Fuel pump
SPD Downpipes
SPD Exhaust adapter
SPD Exhaust adapter install kit
SPD Stud Extractor
SB Cold Air Instake
Ruthenium spark plugs
JLT Catch can
Valveo Max drain plug
Thermostat 180
Valvetronic universal muffler