Lifted the front of my 04 by 2.5 inches, how much lift in rear to level?

Vincent Vega

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Jan 21, 2021
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Huntington Beach, CA
I have a 2004 Exp and am wondering about how much rake do our trucks have. I lifted my front by 2.5 inches (more about that later in a separate post) and am wondering if I can use the Rancho Quicklift 3/4 inch in the rear. I know most lift kits available to us involve one inch less lift for the rear than the front (i.e. 3.5/2.5, 3/2...). So it seems like the 3/4 Rancho might cause it to sit lower in the rear, which I do not want.
How much rakes do our trucks have from the factory? Does raising the front 1 inch more than rear make them level, or is there still some factory rake there? Thanks