LTFT bank 2 is higher than bank 1?

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Nov 11, 2022
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I have been averaging 12.5 mpg in the city with ALOT of stop and go with light easy accerations still. For the fun of it I plugged in my odb2 scanner and ran "live data" and noticed that my Long term fuel trim bank 2 % is always running at a higher percentage than bank 1 (adding more fuel) ..Is this ok/normal for the 2 banks to not match? I figured both banks should be about the same. I know that if its over 10% there could be a sign of a vacuum leak but i have never seen it over 10. When I bring the rpms up and hold it at 2500 the LTFT bank 2 jumps down back to about 0 and bank 1 goes to -2.
The below snapshot is at idle warm