Need advice ... Kinda stranded 400 mi from home


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Feb 10, 2017
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western NY
OK, I posted this in Suspension, but got no responses so I thought I might repost it here... Need some advise , 2007 Expo EL 108K miles... in beautiful condition with all the bells and whistles... have had it 3-4 years... Wednesday I drove 400 miles to Virginia to help my father with a surgery, half way down I seem to have lost the rear suspension airbags. I am in a very rural area of VA, and not really in a position to get it looked at before I have to leave Thursday. Will it be ok to dive back 400 miles with suspension sitting on the stops? Tires are not hitting the wheel wells, but obviously there is little to no suspension travel. The electronic dash shows air-ride suspension is working ok, but I do not hear the compressor at all. Just need to get back to NY and get it dealt with there if thats OK.
Uncomfortable I can live with, dangerous or damaging I would like to avoid. I really do not have the tools or the ability to work on it here at my Father's house.. He just had open heart surgery and I can't spend hours outside with him inside alone
and I dont really have the ability to get it 60 miles to the nearest dealer. I plan of replacing with regular style when I get home, just need to get home Wed in one piece... is it dangerous or damaging to drive with it not working?