NEED Recommendation for LEGIT, HONEST shop in So. Cal.?

Discussion in '1st Gen - 1997 - 2002' started by grantpa, Nov 8, 2018.

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    I have an '00 EB Expy, 4.6L 2V that I need to have diagnosed WITHOUT paying dealership prices. My engine feels like it's missing, no power, stumbles upon acceleration, however, idles ok. The problem is-NO CODES!!! NO PENDING CODES, either. I'll get it to operating temp, drive it around the block and still NO CODES. I took it to a shop, told him the money light's NOT on, NO CODES but it still runs bad. He scanned it and said that it WON'T throw any codes until it's gone through a drive cycle. He recommended driving it for 200-300 miles then bring it back. Is this true? Or is because he's using generic diagnostic tools NOT specific to Ford? Also, I can't get the I/M readiness to "ok" all parameters. The "Evap" and "Cat" systems will NOT ok. I know it needs to go through a "drive cycle", my question is can that be bypassed by Ford scan tools? If my truck needs to be properly scanned by Ford-specific tools before I even have a direction to go to address the poor performance, can anyone suggest an honest, reputable shop that WON'T suggest throwing parts at the problem BEFORE PROPERLY DIAGNOSING the real problem? And yes, I did google shops around me that specialize in Ford's, etc. I'm asking if anyone on this forum has a recommendation from previous experience with a particular shop in So. Cal. that was positive. Thanks.

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